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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ipoh mari~ wed dinner

haha in love with the balloon =)

Cousin sis looking pinky and cute =)

Always come in handy...
never fail to find my water bo ttle =)
Peace* Bro and and cousin playing before the bride comes.

Back in Ipoh..
Some relative's weding dinner.
Got bored waitting for food.
Elder brother got sick and mom gotta stay home to take care of him.

Weird 3D poster in asia avenue which cost alot.
Was checking out clothes at the oppisite boutique.

Chill out in coffee bean.
Electricity went off so i have got extra mash mellows on my hot choco =)

In Fblock... 50% off for everything!!! =)
Me n Laytheng luv that dress. Shuang wanted the blue skirt-pant duo.
But they ended up not buying. I bought the black and white one =>
Muahahh was so happy that day =)

At Gasoline, pyramid with few friends after class.
Cheap and cosy place to eat.
But i didnt enjoy the food there =<

haha no more space for me

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Emmm.. Yummy =) LilBro's all time fav while me doing some homework after eating.

The art of Sushi king's promotion menu =)

Cheese... Eyebrows, eyes n lips =) The nose gone ad.


MPW sleepy and bored. did nothing the whole 1 hour =)
Went to check out boutique nearby before class.
Shuang n Laytheng end up spending. AGAIN!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009


Dating in MCD with "pussie the beanie dog"

Aww... so cute!

hmm.... baby chihuahua?? NOPE!
Some says she looks like a joey, some say she looks like a wolf and some even say she looks like a fox =)
but she is a 1 year old "miniature-pinscher-poodle" =)
name: cookie

Dinner with family in some cinapek "high class" restoran in Summit.
Bro gets excited with fishes, lobsters and crabs in the aquarium at the back, a.k.a food =)

pizzaa hutt

My part-time jie-jie =) Shuang helping me out with my ribbon that day...
So nice of her =)

Opps! Caught in action hahha... Lunch in pizzahut. Everyone rush to use the ladies =)

In pizza hut after class. hm.. i just luv the mushroom soup there =)
We got free refill btw. shhh... Pretty gurls always get this kinda offer hehe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

another college dayy

I love Avril Lavigne !!!!
Avril Lavigne Roxx

Another day done. home sweet home here i come! class was boring. Csc was hot n sweaty =-/

Laytheng n me ENL feeling sleepy and hungry.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hanging out with my juniors in mcD after my ex-school sports day =)
Luv them "cute kiddies"

Yum... =) Mother's day hangout with family in The Ship for dinner.

Eeee... So cute =) Pandamanda =>Thanks!

SnowFlakeS... Good place to hide from the rain before ITP class =)
Good experience, have not seen this kinda device in my whole life.

Girl's talent =) pix in the ladies'.
Hangout in pyramid with Leeyen, Sooyong n Celine to kill time during break.

Half of the esprit gang =) mirrors-a place for great memorable shots.

The Ying and Yang. In Lola's.... not anymore -- now in amanda's closet. =>

Lee hom

Hanging out before leehom's concert.
He's awesome! his voice is Crazyyy!
his guitar was awesome!!
i lurve him lots.. he rocked