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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lurve LUrve LuRVeee

Wearing my fav skinny jeans and my one and only yellow top with hoodie! Lurve it! so comfy ehhe... =p and my phone.. its purple! lol looks so blue here!
lol PURPLE! Jb's fav color! heartZ heartZ

Suppose to teach my bro lol.. its moral. haha i dun even know how to read! haha dad's at Sabah ytd and elder bro was busy. haha.. left me and mummy... mom mmg cant read. lolx.
i had to call up my friend and ask her. haha
the problem is i couldnt really read! it went on like a guessing game haha.. so funny!
we were laughing all the way. and we manaaged to get the answer tho. haha
so much for mandarin!
haha so hard la the syllabus nowadays..

Pizzza time! haha lol.. check out my other photo on Twitter
hhaha so many of us! so many pizza! lol.. =)
its like a partyyy! so fun!
lol we were all busy with work! end up eating in class! no time at all.

Lasenza came to our college ytd! wuhooo!
15bucks to get a member card for a year and vouchers! lol.
and lucky draw! haha Suang got RM100 voucher!
most of us got the notebook =( like me!
and there is also the T-backs and G-strings!
so cute! lol..
Gimme wat i want! <3>

Friday, September 24, 2010

SUPER tv8 and Radio stations =p

Before going to genting! i had my Interview with ma DEAN hehe.. crazy scary! no idea wat to ask! and how to put in the words! but i did it! yay!
Had dinner with ma BFF at Kim gary! mummy's having a 50% off voucher =p
Ordered somthing that i couldnt finish! lol.. soo crazy kembang with the cheese all over ! haha but i had fun!
oh oh ! haha and my BFF drove all of us home! lol.. crazy! the way he's driving... its like he's trying to shake all the cheese and prawns outta me! hahah EEekkk!
Drive safe!

Lol went to Tv8 and radion stations today..
but photos are on friend's dslr!
uploading soon!
had fun today!
I wanna be a radio DJ! sooooo freaking fun wei!!
we visited FLY fm... awesome!!

Anyways... i got my 19 page JB for my 19th YEAR !
love ya Justin ! =*

When the moon is full~~

Here comes the vamps at night! hahah but this is during the day! gosh~~ my NAUGHTY and BAD LIL friend nothing to do... bite me! sakitnye!!! nampak?
tak nampak to zoom in la.. kesian dowh! ='(

Hahah Chiakkk~ haha damn cute rite! this fat fella lol.. ishh
wanan cubit the fella!

Yeap! the moon is full! mooncake festival is here!
lol dun telll me why do chinese celebrats it! NO IDEA!
lol i was brought up with mooncake festival means the day u eat mooncake, light up the candels and walk around with the lanterns haha..
but no lanterns for me this year.... =)
but i had fun roasting the ants haha...
poor ants. but ma BFF said animals has got no souls haha so nvm la!
Mooncake festival was ok la...
nothing special..

HAha another sUPER converse dayyy! lol... =)


Jia's elephant! haha and my retarded little ones...
kinda bored in class.. so i started drawing!

alrite alrite! moons fadding off already!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The day and the Night~

A Leopardy day for me! ahahah friend said its a giraffe ! its not! ITS A LEOPARD ! lol.. no one messes with the leopard haha..
Jia's so afraid of cats! but i chased it away! haha i mean the lil leopard helped!

Went off to Pyramid and had that pinky shop.. snowy i think... NOT Nice at all..
The chicken is like so small. i was telling Suang that its too active. excercise too much too mascular thats y so hard and tide at the same time small lol..

Friend said that lil boi looked it my bro. does it? haha
i dun think sooo!
Jia... *Lei lam do jor la!*

Cheesee! super sweet mango! made my teeth ache ! =(

Super converse day the day before! hahah tri-ooo

Haha Jolin.. my friend was fliping the mag and she went like! eh.. Amanda!
lol.. 1- my name is also yeeling
2- the hair
3- haha no idea! u tell me!

VICTORIOUSSsss... i luv the tiedye jeans man! they have it in vior too!
I WANT emm

School kool i think.. hahah damn cute wei the guys lol... must watch it!
Nikelodeon kept playing their song! haha so tempting!
bro let the TV on when i was doing my work ytd.

looking at his butt get cooked! haha stupid boi
( its to chase away to blood-suckers)

Teman Bro to the park at night! haha he's on holiday!
Some UPSR break for them! haha....
So lonely there! only me and him and my mom there!
well, thats bout it!
boring week

Monday, September 6, 2010

Off to GentINggg~~

alrite! and then we packed! and went to GEnting! not much there! same old same old!
WEnt shopping! Giodarno has got this 40% off ! haha crazy!
i didnt see anything i like there tho lol..

all i did was BOwl.. and shop! =p
BOUGHt Justin Bieber's Album with the voucher i got!
AND yeap! the poster issuper huge! hahah
i was telling my friends on FB that he's lips are soo huge now.. it doesnt fit mine at all lol...

Glowing JB ! hahah =) in the bowling center!

Got his poster in Speedy! haha its glowing!!! yay!
super huge lips all for me!

Lolx.. yeap thats me! haha.. shhh dun laugh at my score!

Oh and i bought a watch! mom bought actually lol..
and This band! its purple! hehe... beeb's Fav color!
luv it!!!

Off to MElacca!!!

Cant leave behind my leopards! hahha .. got them to travel anyway!

Dun bully them!! they are my kind lol.. the goats! =) with the horns.. 1st time seeing it tho.. usually it'll be cowss

Im here! in the room called No idea wat.... haha =) super near - walkign distance to Jonker street... while waiting for my fam to get ready, me and bros did origamy... shuriken stlye =)

Was late for lunch... no choice.. had Wongkok there... Bro's 1st time eating it! super huge - fattening spaghetti! and super fat milky milo!

Then we're off to Afamosa! again! =) just there for the sun! =p marc bought bubbles again! hahah i was there just taking pix!
oh and theres a couple taking wedding pix using the red church windows as the BG =) so sweet!
nice! but super hot!

Walked to Jonker street later ... bought some stuff and went for dinner =)
JONKER at night look soo much nicer hehe... bought sooo many things! so cheap!

Leopards again! =)ahahah cant help it! haha
Melacca was nice! but tiring!
luv it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The title of the Justin Bieber song in the clip is
- Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris"

Obsess over JayDeeBee

Hi, My name is Amanda. im 19teen this year... not too old, still a teen...
Tho i wished im 16 so Justin Bieber would date me. =)
I'm a person who's go all the way when im really obsess with something.
So when i first had a crush on JUSTIN BIEBER, I went crazy about him.
I didnt fall inlove with "Baby" at first but i LUV " ONE TIME" on the very 1st time i heard it.
Then the list goes on and on and on... to "SOMEBODY TO LOVE" which is now my caller ringtone haha...
I'll wish him Goodmorning, and Goodnight on my Facebook everyday... I got lota complains and i had to reduce it. I did! Just a little! i still tag his name on facebook.

Everyday, i'll sit and search for videos of Justin on youtube.. from his MVs to the interviews, from the fan-mades to the haters.
I'll be liking almost all the videos just like other fans does and yeap, disliking all the Bieber hater's videos. Well, thats wat all the Beliebers do. I'll be watching his vids over and over again. Justin Bieber has become part of my MEAL now. Every morning, i'll Turn on my laptop and turn on the volume playing all his songs. Before i sleep, i'll listen to him with my earphones on my bed.
IT feels like he's singging to me sometimes.

Justin is amazing! even better when his voice craked! on *NEVER SAY NEVER* he was awesome with that new tone of his. =)
Justin's music is like my breakfast!
And the hair flip! i just love his hair, would even pay to touch it haha...
He's got the best features in the world! For a blondey, he's pretty much the cutest and the hottest hunk there!

When I get to know about Justin, i started buying magazines that i dun even read! just beacuse he's featured in it. Plus i went on twitter pretty much because of him.
My friends pretty much unfollowed me there because i go crazy when Justin's creeping. He's got 5 million followers and its pretty hard to get him to notice you. All im proud of is being a Malaysian. coz i dun seem to see him following Malaysian fans there. So its my advantage.
I'll reply every of his tweets and even spam him sometimes to follow me.
I get help from my friends whom he followed to send direct mail to him asking to follow me. Well, twitter is where i spend most of my time online. Geting tweet limits over tweet limits everyday.
He's always tweeting about never say never. so i'll never say that JB will never follow me!
He'll tweet about his song... U smile i smile.. haha then he'll say that he's smiling! and we'll all spam that we're smiling too!
Hahah its really fun tweeting him. tho he has never RT=ed or followed me yet.

When i heard that now, even the Media in Malaysia are soo supportive over him, Im surely to spam about how happy am I.. because most of my friends around me dun really like him as much as I do.
Im really glad that I could now officially send my love to JB on UMM and migh just get the membership card for JB's fanclub here!

So Justin... You're always saying thanks to youre fans! but please come to MALAYSIA? i'll get the Vip seats! i promise i'll hold up my bras and panties! it wun fly on stage!