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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Body on Fire

Woot! no time to blog yo! 
Also, theres just too many social networks nowadays which keeps me thinking hmmm.. should I update on my Line, Wechat, Keek, FB, IG, Pinterest or should i just blog it?

I've decided that I should only use Blog when i don't need to communicate/get my friends response and use FB when i need to.
Pinterest are for my own interest. like a collection book.
Instagram will be used when theres not much to type but pic nie.
And the rest of the mobile apps (line,whatsapp,wechat etc) are for free texting and calls only.

Alright, let's get to business lol.

Good news and bad news.

Good news: I finally settled on a job and found a new hobby.

Bad news: I finally settled on a DESK job and found a new hobby, CROCHET.
Which means, alot of sitting and alot of finger exercises =(

I gained weight! 
That's one of the worst news for most girls.

I need to work out. I dont wanna sign up to a gym coz i dun fancy working out in a closed aircond gym. So im still gona stick to d park near to my home and workout in my room. 

now is just to get myself inspired n keep goin. Coz it sux to stop halfway. I hope i wun! Needa surround myself with awesome figure girls. I used to stare at VS angels but i frel like that is too imposible. Im not born with those super slim n curvy figure. So propotionate n beyond perfect. So now i just wanna  get healthy n getting toned.

I did a lil reserach on workouts n health pages. Im loving Livestrong and Blogalites. they r both very helpful! Livestrong has got everything u need to knoeabout health n fitness! Really! Workout vids, diet n workout charts, .
 myth busters and alot more! Hehe and Blogalites is awesome too because im loving d concept of doing pilates at home. Their workout vids r awesome. I love Cassie! She is super supportive. Words cant explain how awesome is blogalites.U HAVE TO CHECK OUT THEIR APP! its very worth it. 

Fuuuh..., geting overwhelmed thinking abt blogalites. ^^ 

aite! Blog soon! On workout updates! Or u can chekout my ig too. I update ig more often. ^^


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Public Holiday ^^

Punlic holiday! Finally! Time to brinf my disty makeup pallets out to use just for fun ^^ i look like im crazy if this were to be my everyday make up lol.