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Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"NOSE" warehouse Sale!! AGAIN!

Its sooooo Jam from my house to the place!
haha but i went anyway... =)
and bout these!

10 Bucks

20 bucks

10 bucks

30 bucks

My mom bought too! haha =)

I lurve this onE! =) nice n sweet! its pink too!

Theres like african men there too! bought like >50 pairs in boxes.
think tell they sell them again after that =p or buy for their Friends n Family.
Dah lah the que so long + its freaking stuffy there! haha

Thats all! =) haha thanks to NOSE! =p

Friday, February 25, 2011

"NOSE" warehouse Sale!!

The place is Freaking HOT!
make sure you wear *not-so-thick* there...
I SPENT 60 bucks for all theSE!

And im GOING again tmr! =) hahah!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

All in 1

Very Busy! =p my bad!

I 4gotten wat date was it but it was a Friday =) haha...
We went to 19's New Box.
I remember blogging about how bad the food was.
haha its getting better ! =)

WE went to the VIP room again! so many of us.

Since theres gona be the old folks there, we brought cards to play =)
let them sing. =p

Shaun came along too! since he's got a good voice =p hahha Well, thats 1 of the reason.
He sang "when you look me in the eyes" by JB(Jonas bro la! not Justinbieber)
haha i made him sing tho. THANKS SHaunny!

Oh yeah, we fed the poor hungry kitty cat *BAGUA*
Gave the nugget tho. haha but it love the Bagua more!
i cant rmb wat u call bagua in english tho lolx. my bad...

Have you guys tried this? haha it costs like 5 bucks i think =)
Dun really like it tho. but theres lotta flavor to choose from!
should try!

Mom thinks its a good idea! =) Use old stairs for it!

Yay! my breakfasT! =) Signature Hot Choc! yummy!
but got bad chocolate breath after that haha. =)

Valentine's day! =)
I din get all of that tho haha =p
I sell them. for our sem6's up coming Event's fund raising =)

Oh talking bout valentine's day =)
Nothing much tho! had school that day! haha...
but spent half of the day off for Valentine's day.
Got prezzies that i always wanted! nice! so totful!

Sunday!!! =)
Chicken rice for Lunch! hahah Written Shaun on it samore! haha
Coz i Got BBK gota stay back! so its gona be Chicken / pork rice every sunday!
but nvm la! its still nice! =p

My 1st time AT Dessert bar cafe!
hahah Bro took the ice cream, daddy took the tiramisu cake. i never like tiramisu tho but according to MArc, its super soft and nice =p
The ice cream was HUGE! haha =)
i had Caremel WAffle! nice too! sooo sweet!
its suppose to be my tea time tho. but it came out so filling.

I miss WAFFLE WORLD in Sunway PYramid. =(

HAhah marc got his hair tied up!

Lift spoiled! nuhooo! gota climb up allll theeee WAyyy! =(

MY bro took my pendrive and returned it like this! haha =)
btw, Che Che means *sister* in cantonese =)
so adorable haha

I need a converter for my mic to my lapie! =(
bro bought it too small! awww...
my mic on my lappie spoiled =(
gota sent it to Asus all the way in KL.
oh and mummy bought Strawberry lipbalm for me! haha
i dun like Strawberry! =( but it taste sweet tho haha..
for those who likes gummies =p

Oh and i went to my niece's full moon =)
Nice place! nice playground! nice food!

1st time seeing this kinda mushroom haha =)
no idea wat is it call specifically!

The top view...

ahah i woke up and saw Cowie sleeping like this haha..
probably had a cold night =p


Is wednesday! buy 2 scoop for 1. =)
I LURVE baskin Robbins ! niceEE

Friend caught me talking with my own camera! haha