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Wednesday, October 20, 2010



I have been asking for tickets like the 1st day the Announced they are coming!
Like a month ago! AWESOME right! hahah
yeap and i got em! ROCKZONE! super Eventsecurity passes ahhah!
Wooot! im FEEL SO awesome!
Before going to the concert, I twitted Hayley and asked what she's wearing lolx.. she didnt tweet back tho =( But i read her mind! we wore the same!
Tee shirt + Skirt + Hair Down + Tights + Heels
haha YAY! Hi5

Well, went there with 3 of ma gurls! haha =)
They came earlier to get the Boards ready and too brought color pens along! haha
We totally slacked off at 1st. Deciding wat to draw and wat color hehe..
Anyhow, I got my eye drawn orange! abit like HAyley's but missing the Yellow end =(
Cant find any nice yellow eye liner! Did it while My lappie is BLASTING OFF PARAMORE's Songs <3 haha =")" checks =")" style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">LOVE YA PARAMORE thanks for COMING!


lolx.. They came out with Ignorance! I could barely see them! coz of the Pushing haha! anyway, The crowd slowly chills as they finally figured out that. THAT is their place... and WE are in the middle! infront of Hayley! too bad! muahahahha!! WE enjoyed the show! we starting jumping and screaming!

I went like JOSH I LOVE YOU ahha... coulnt help it HE"S Sssooo AWesome! ahha and Taylor's HAIR? its so freaking awesome! Hayley was no doubt SUPER INSANELY BEAUTIFUL with hair! OMG! i couldnt help it!

Before the concert, i was telling my mom :" UGH~ my fringe are so short! cant go in like this! i bet she'll have bangs like in DECODE.."
mom was likes:"its ok, just push it to the side" And guess wat?
she had bangs like mine too!
OMG! soooo freaking awesome!
She sang ! and SAng! and SAng! and SANG! and SANG! She said thanked us for waiting for them! took them long enough to come here! haha=) yay! and then she had few acoustic songs! DEDICATED you are the only excepttion to us WEEE!! haha HER VOICE is like SUPER AWESOME! Just like in the records! SUPER DUPER THUMBS up HAYLEY! SHe head banged lolx Her hair is like SO freaking AWESOME hahah IT goes back into place when she gets up! so kewl! haha I was there head-bangging too lolx... having the time of my life =)

She said she stole the couch backstage lolx.. She's so Cute! She sang Brick by boring brick, All we know, the only exception, Crush Crush crush! (my personal FAV)

Then Decode

Careful pressure, Ignorance, when it rains.... cant remember the others! so many more! lolx...

She paused between songs, and had the lights turned on she wanted to look at us =) ahhah guess wat, I nudged my friend to raise up the cardboard! SHE SAW OURS! right infront of us! she pointed and SMILE!
I was like* ArghhhhhH"
Joey looked at me and like huh?"
I went LIKE :" SHE SAW! she saw it!!"
jumping up and down!
Sam and Joey was screaming
and Jass went like: "WAt WAT?what?"
I said it again and then she starting screaming lolx. super slow!


too bad there's only PARAMORE left that time, the heart shape tore and the WE went somewhere on the floor lolx. I held on to the whole night! and its now on my table! Crumpled but SOOOO gona keep it lol!

Then Theres like Fireworks at the back of the stage!so freaking awesome! and then after that theres like colorful papers being sprayed out! watever u call that! hhaha... ITs so freaking awesome!

She said:" theres only 1 last business to take care of! 1 last business!"


I got 3 boo boos on my leg! Knocked the right of my forehead on no idea where! Back ache, Calf muscle ached! skipped dinner! Sweat like Crazy! and I smelled it Dhal haha.. the Roti canai sauce ! google it! lolx. Its soo awesome! i couldnt stop talking about how AWESOME it is! U really gota be in 1 of the PARAMORE concert to understand how AWESOME it is!

lolx Wore Paramore's Top to College today! woot! everyone aroudn me asking about the concert! 1 word AWESOME! *winx*

LURVE YA PARAMORE!!! Videos are uploading on my Youtube tho =) Just click HERE

Image uploads will be disabled for two hours due to maintenance at 5:00PM PDT Wednesday, Oct. 20th. Learn more

lolx... so yeah.. pictures will be up tmr! =) <3>

Monday, October 11, 2010

JUSTIN sent some LURVeee




Sunday, October 10, 2010

SUPER 101010 Muackz muackzz

Went back to School haha Chiao Nan.. back in KL... aww I miss them!!!
havent seen most of them for like 6years already! ahaha.. changed soo much! <3
but i still luurve them! the yellow top, is my teacher! i lurve her too! she's like the best teacher in the whole hhehe... awesome!

Then we went bowling .. haha theres no no7.. gotta go with 8.. awww..
I broke my nails =( so sad huh? and i got last ! hhahah before the match, we said that the loser have to belanjar vitagen. haha i lost but Soon lai paid for it haha.. so nice of them.

Went wangsa walk... =) my cousin's laptop bag shop was there. we visited for awhile.. and found out that my friend, Sabrina 's dad, below.. is my cousin's supplier lolx. =)
me and Vivian.. the other girl below stayed at sab's house once lolx.. haha we rmbed every single thing! haha its so fun refreshing back! aww... wished i could turn back time.. =(
missed those days.!

This is Joseph>> =)
He used to be the Hawttest guy in school.. ahha look!
Now he looks like Alloycious haha in Phua Chu Kang.. Ah beng's son! lolx
Right?? haha =p
HE's like super tall now! make me felt so short!
but its ok! more reason to buy a new heel! haha yay!
When we met, even after 6 years not seeing each other, it felt like we know each other for like 20 years haha... didnt felt the gap at all. =)
AWesome rite!
awww... i wanna go back to primary school....
We made joseph squart down... coz he's so freaking tall haha.. =) make us looked like cartoon.
kk .. <3 <3


My duty for the dayy~~
To take care of my little brother in MCD because of his friend's birthday partyy...
But its so freaking cute! hahaha... they started playing games ahaha.. super cute and FUn!

His best friend... =) talked about her one day. ahha I asked if he has a girlfriend.
He said... i like Her.... Wei qing. but she has got the same surname as mine. =(
Awww.. haha super cute! atleast he taught of all that hehe.
But i told him he's toooo young ! haha theres plenty gurls out there for him.

The beautiful princess! she's soo pretty! Jasster is her name.
We always see her around lolx.. =p
Can la.... match them hehe...

My lil bro... got so bored after going home. He said he had lotta fun there. =)
Well, good for him. but the last party he went, he cried.
Coz he lost in one of the game. the other guy cheate.
We started making shuriken ... again! haha... he always make the same mistake when he's folding em. ahha shuriken becomes square haha.. super funny!
We spent the night together watching cartoon. pulled out my matress and gave him his bolster..
HAhah it's named BOBO ahha. super cute! but super smelly at the same time.
AHhaha... everytime i smell my pillow, i feel like sleeping =)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

1st moV with Bro's Babee

Mummy bought new furniture!! it has arrived!! weeee!!! from Pink Rose at the so-called *little taipan* by Marcus =) the one beside Summit USJ haha.. 3rd floor. Super awesome Cottage home look tho haha... lurve lurve lurve it... =) Yay mummy!

Went for the Owls movie... here >>>

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Me and my elder bro use to lurve this game! lolx.. =)
I was borned with a house filled with guys! haha so yeah! all the shoting, running, chasing and beating up people.. yeah! thats how i was brought up! So now, im not really *that* ladylike hhehe.. sory peeps! im trying! im trying! lolx.. but somehow, it feels wrong to just stand there infront of Time crisis and not playing it! haha ... its like another of me and my bro's fav game lolx..
I cant play with marcus yet. haha he always complains that he's not tall enough! cant really see the screen lolx..

Tadaaa... hhaa i had to! super cute leopardy haha.. didnt buy tho... look at the biggy eyes!!

Him before the haircut.. Forced out a Justinbieber style lolx.. A min Jb style haha.. still too short.

And.. AFter!!!

Grapes!! i lurve em! but cant really find tasty ones these days! =( so sour!!

Tadaaa!!! all done! hehehe.. She and her ducks, chickens and the Pigeons lolx.. so busy the whole day, figuring out where to put and what to place =0

This is wat i have been hugging for the pass few weeks in the hall... =)

Lol life with my crazyy little bro!
I hate him sometimes! but i LOVe him always =)
aww... so sweet ritE! haha u'll noe wat i mean if u have a younger sibling at home.

had the cheesy fries.. shoot tummy ache till now! =='
i hate cheese!makes me fat!
kk gtg do my article
Luv ya guys!