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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kuala Lumpurr's toilet

Guess where is this?? haha u'ld neva guess..
Its a toilet! We actually paid 50 cents for that man! damn sad rite! haha... me and my aunties went in and spent quite awhile there haha.. coz its 50 cents!
Its in Petaling street... 4got the mall's name.
neway, i bought stuff too!
Erm.. leme think. ohyea. this coconut bracelet and an anklet =p
haha duno why i like anklet so much ahah...
but this one is nice haha...
It has like seashells there. so cute. Bought 1 for my aunty too.
Now i have got 4 of them!
1 is with mic, another is blue, red, pink and orange =)
Awesome! wait.... sth missing.
Lemme get a leopard one haha woooo!
Who wants to get me 1? haha
Keep rocking everyone! the weekend is comming! u should always try to bring the happiness forward haha even if its monday... think of Sunday is comming soon!
haha gila ad.. but yeah! it helps!
Start planing ur weekends!
A cup of dino really makes me crazee! haha..
i just luv it! altho i dun quite like eating chocolates. like choco bars or the pill-liked ones.
but i like this! =p awesome!
My way of getting drunked haha.
Even the milk expires on my birthday...
how kewl is that?
hhaa neva miss a day without milk...
I wanna grow!!!