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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Leopard day... Even Hide! =P hehe my gang.
Poster imported from Sg. Nice!
Oh and Hide shirt too! havent got the chance to wear. Think i'll wear it to class on monday.
Hmm... but with wat? jeans? haizz that's wat i dun like about no rules on dressing.
Went Pyramid then summit and then Hide's house lolx.. =p
Watched the proposal at home... It's quite boring actually.
Maybe wasnt that interested in the movie while there;s someone lying down beside me =)
Well, erm.. skipped my lunch and dinner that day, yeah i noe sad case rite?!
But i wasnt hungry... erm.. more like not free to eat hehe.
Okla, i just dun feel like eating. sth wrong ad...
Neway, came back around 12 with bruises, blueblacks and muscle pain =( haiz...
So tired and fell asleep rite after i changed.
Well, gotta sleep early today... tmr class waking up at 6.30 shit! lazy...
Cant believe today is a sunday so fast! huhu...

Lil Brooo

Look!!! My arm is the same size as my 8 year old brother lolx... =p
Gud news for me bad news for him hehe...
Went to library to catchup my group assigment with friends on tuesday.
Over night at Sarene's house on friday.
Had mcd during midnight. =p
Finished up assigments and chat and chat.
Had hard time falling asleep though..
But it was fun hangging around there.
Had form5 gathering before that day, Thursday.
WAs quite fun seeing all of them there... chatting and talking around well, atleast all of them talked and smiled to me. =)
Which is quite nice.
Pix comming up! waiting fro friends to upload.
Lolx.. lilbro's doggy haha...
Nola, was making jump rope out of it. He looked so funny with it so took pix.
His 1st time making a jump rope. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sara Craveenn

The grandeur of Penvarnon House in Cornwall is where Rhianna Carlow spent her lonely childhood as the housekeeper's unwanted niece. Now she's a guest returning for a wedding at Penvarnon - and billionaire Diaz Penvarnon is back, too, seemingly as arrogant and ruthless as ever!

Diaz has one aim - to keep gold digger Rhianna away from the house. He's also the descendant of a Spanish pirate! So he kidnaps Rhianna and she finds herself captive on his luxurious yacht.where her inexperience is no match for his merciless desire!

It's written very detailed.

Getting another of sara craven's =p

Nice one there!



Holiday officially begins!!!

Hangging out at some sesated kebaya shop in the middle of summit.

The ladies had fun while the guys... sad case heheh...

Aunt bought the tops, cousin boutght the sarung..

I bought a green top yay! =p

The art of fats... EWWW!!!


no regrets

Lolx.. oficially breaking the rules at the right place =p

Chillout during class 10min break.


gotta chatup with law =p

Super hard to understand...


Well, it's friday and Hari Raya is comming so.. why not?? =p

we celebrated prscy's and chiuyien's

And then we went on with the "ligally blonde" movie.

Which wasnt a bad movie at all.

Woman stereotyping =p

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pizzaa hutt~~

As usual =) Not sleeping? taking pix =p

Pizzahut time.. random pix...

This picture said it all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My hairrr

Which is today =p
OMG! lolx...
Washed my red shirt=p
Everything is gonna be red again today.... From childish snakey to ...>>>>v
Businessboi =)
Playing games actually hehhe...

Babeee-- Curve

Off the the curve at night =p
Duno wat to eat so had dinner here.
Not bad!
Cant really see it here...
Wanna noe?! come catch me @ class =o

Went to shop for black heels.
But sad case the cutve only got 4 footwear shop. All not nice.
So went to subangparade to makan. !again! =p
Had too much sweet @ paddington.
Sugarrush =p
paramore and luvdrunk all the way to Parade.
Hahaha went lil kukuu.
hyper in the car but it's fun =O
We never become so crazy together before haha..
Gud to go crazy sometimes.

AHhh!!! cold *teeth shivering*
Lolx... duno what expression is that. snap shoot =p
Hey! not ready heheh...
my 3rd finger =p
So red... =p Swensen's gate.
We were the last one there. Wana lock us inside nooo! Haha... hidden mickey =)
Sorry! lagi sugarrush haha... =p Gilagila ad....
Sugarrush syndrome lolx.
Wanan makan u la !!! eeee!

Eh! why so scary la =)
See! you dont look that bad in bright colors...
@ the stairs to my home ...
Had a gud sleep =)
Had a gud night out too.

REd Hairr

In the saloon preparing to get transform! =p
This is Before...
During... Pink! yes! =p
See! his hand also become red ad!! Help me wash my hair lolx like i broke my head bleed so much.
And..... after! wuhooo luv it. =) Cehhh nola.. this one =p
Where got so pretty.
Was flipping magazine. Saw this gurl so pretty.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Tada! it's blacky day =)
Alota black except a few. hehe..
Jiajing din noe so she wore white and orange whale jacket. Which was quite cute =p
She's always the baby in class.
WEll, we have got lota assigments to be done... as usual, last minutes...
We gota watch a violent movie and do anylisis on it.
Which i dun have time to do that.
Sad case.
Lecturer took the tittle "wrongturn"
Should be about some mutated people turning into carnivals eating the humans.
Disgusting blekkk.!

Fetched mom to collect her sarung for her kebaya...
The taylor made one smaller. think she accidently.
Mom cant fit so she asked me to try on with my grandma's nyonya kebaya top =)
Which is a lil loose but it's ok. just trying. =p
Gota wear it! i'm a nyonya gurl =)
ALrite gona get some sleep now.
Going to the saloon and get locally "half" "paramored" =)
ask that guy to wash my hair so i can relax hehe.

~Alrite nitey~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

College cardss

340ml, 440ml,540ml
Hmm... lunch for today...
Sad case, gota rush my law
Dun even noe how to do. Not really gud at searching on web.. HELP!
supppose to wear yellow today to disturb laytheng coz her banana car broke down and couldnt make it ytd.
But then my yellow outfit super hot so i took it out and wore a white tee and kneelength jeans.
Neva wear knee-lengths before... coz it makes me look even shorter!
My 1st time.. mom say i look like small girl.
We gonna wear full black tmr!
Yay! gud for me coz i have got lotsa black =)
All jadi kongsigelap ehhe...
Alrite gota rushrush!
Blog tmr! if i can...
Orange day! =)
ytd punya yoga teacher gone hehe..
done presentation ytd so got nothing to do today.
SO crappy la go class.
Friend bought extra large cards to class duno for wat lolx..
We played black jack lil while.
Haha quite fun. Cant even hide the card.. too big gotta hug it =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ARtZ of friends

Another boring day @ class.
Presentation was ok but class was bored.
Frenz called me The yoga teacher lolx... and also gym instructor and some asked if i went jogging.
the way i tied up my hair and my outfit.
Lolx... badan so kecik how to be gym instructor?? haha