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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leopardyyy 4

Yes! another collection done.. spend my last on this prettygurl! =)
went to ioi mall after dinner that day... atlast! 53 & 54 down. double frenzy lolx...

Treee fell


Edward and paramore took over =) this is wat i did after the inccedent below.

As i said in FB... yesterday...
It was raining heavyly.. stayed at home. around 3pm,
i was sitting on my bed.. cutting Edward's poster to get ready on my wall... then i heard a loud craking sound... something moving i saw from my room's window... then i saw leaves and branches slide on my window and a large smashing sound.
My dad ran to my rooom as i was rushing out to the hall.. he said a thunder strike the tree and it crashed down.. We quickly ran down to seee if our car got smashed or not.. and of course, i took my camara along! pictures i took are posted on FB ad... can go checkout if u want... =)
Oh well, nothing much happen, we were lucky... windows both 2nd and 3rd floor were broken.
2 car were smashed below.. parked just infront of ours. lucky kid i am.. nobody got hurt.. but it was a damn big tree there... lucky! later after that, MPSJ came a clean it up... residents came down to checkout... pictures taken then by lotta ppl. well, suprisingly i was looking at it as it happens... and i was lil shocked couldnt move, just sat and watch. luckly the tree isnt that tall or heavy.. our roof and windows might be gone by now... thank God.

My compressor helped me heheh... the tree bend it and dad with my help got a carry it up. It almost drop down. might hurt ppl! imagine it from 4th floor and it's heavy! well, that pic where taken after mpsj came and all went ok =) all of us tenang ad...

Words againnn

I'm hungry!!!! duno wat happen to me these few days.. keep eating and eating... getting fatter ad.
Dad just went out and tapau supper for me =) he told me he's hungry after wathcing rushhour on astro =)
ohya, i went to jinjang today... to meet my mom's friend. Suppose to attend her housewarming ytd but the tree incident happend. so we went there today instead.. gave her lamberger =) the last time my mom saw her was in form3. they were friends since standard1... so kewl rite! =p
We kinda got lost a lil in kepong but found our way there atlast but she was too tired and was sleeping... slept at 6am brother told us. the house is damn big.. 1chiwawa and 1 dalmation and 1 golden super hairy unknown dog =) 2/1/2 stories.. i wanna leave like that too! 3 maids if i'm not mistaken =) the place is sstil under develope but i think she's already staing there =)
Well, went to 1utama after that... and OMG! i really need some money! i spotted nice stuff in foreva21, kitschen, dorothy perkins, nichii and topshop! and i wanna go timesquare! i want! i want! ohya! and the oxford in Nose! =)
Foreva21? hmm... the colorful jeans!
Kitschen? the leopard berret! and the pretty scarfs!
Dorothy? the ultra nice grey tights and the skinnies! OMG iluv em! and those pretty casual shirts! and those petite tops! omg! they are so awesome!
Nichii? the pretty floral dress and the 19buckx less 10% stripless top!
Topshop? definetly the pretty high waisted dresses and the boxiers =)
Timesqaure? the leopard scarft and the leopard jacket that is oh soo cheap!
well, the prob is i'm low in $$$ so gurls! wait for it!
Ohya and a sport shoe for me to shop more in Hongkong~~ haha

Edwardddd mary meee

went pyramid with friends and Ryan for newmoon at 3pm.
IT was awesome! wanna watch it again.
i cried a few times i think lolx.. when edward left bella and bella left jacoob.
i *terscream* when edward came into the scene at 1st lol.. my friend looked at me. my bad.
Couldnt help it .. he's so hot! and those eyes! the way he looked at bella when he talk..
my friends pakat to scream when jacoob take out his clothes...
They din! lol but i did.. i mean softly lolx.. cant help it lolx...
Damn mascular! beta than edward but he cut his hair..
Too bad.. it made his head look so much smaller than his body.
Edward is still the best! =)
Yes i'll marry u Edward! turn me!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ALLamandaaa Worrrkk

Went to starbucjs to chill with family... it was even more expensive than our dinner omg! lolx...
But nvm coz dad just came back from overseas. =) belanja us makan. had hot drinks as usual haiz... if not tummy ache. but once in a while ok la. hmm... ohya, i went along with my friend, Shaun to wor at allamanda =) as promoter.. not bad but the Tee was really really big! i had to tug in and roll up once for the sleeves... lolx.
It was damn tiring! at the centrepoint... not much ppl there.. most of them are malays.. not being racist but hard for me to approach.. atleast at 1st.. hard to open my mouth.. so weird! lolx..
Speaking bahasa the whole time. but it wasnt a really a problem for me =) hehe ppl told that i sounded like malay. customers say i look like malay too.. told them i'm a nyonya haha... actually proud of it. =) lucky i dun have to chinese slang when i speak if not malu aku! =p
That's my lunch! =) teriyakki chick don. Damn alot! at the food court with another worker form another booth but connect to my head... coz i cant go break with my friends then there wont be enuf workers. =) i was drop dead tired that time.. it was last friday. came back around 11. Paid the parking! omg! smart fella parked inside... 11 bucks lolx... go on dutch la of course =)
DIn makan dinner actually... went starbucks only.. for free... friend offered hehe... then came home to makan... Ryan came to teman me... ate his chillies and heated mihun. Then put me to bed. Sweet guy i own there =p
Happy day i had there at work but i was really really tired. good pay tho hehe... Earn alot.. not alot.. haha just more than i usually get... but i am not paid yet.
I only have got 5 bucks left in my purse omg! so sad rite! ... haha... nvm, not going out also. saving for shopping and movie! Newmoon! and go iceskating hehe... nice!
Nothing much happen this few days.. hang out at home only... played piano and all =)
Now i wanna play my FB game... haha.. but before that...
This is for you!
You're always there to msile and cry,
You're always there to give and care,
You're always there to cheer and share,
Our *relationship* is rare,
I'll do my best to keep us a pair.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just came back from pyramid. went for movie 2012. Had Sushi for lunch, ate some fried salmon skin which din taste good at all.. it's salmon month! =) ate soybean again! this time i finished it hehe... and then went Subway for teatime but i din eat. That's the pictures i took at Subway. The had this *A* carving thingy at the wall. duno wat u call it. Some dressing there... =) A A A all the way =p Amanda... hahha then Ryan bought the bread. which showed BMT.. TBM for his malay name =)
2012 WAs awesome! Cried non-stop wei!
It's really nice but very scary and sad =( Half of time watching as tho im there...
CAnt wait for newmoon... going with high school friends and second round with Ryan and the third round with colege friends and last watch it at home on DVD player hhehe...
I had kebab for dinner... lamb! Not bad but i'm kinda hungry now. Getting fat! huu! =/
Ohya, 4got, i got my results ad! haha.. got it in the morning still in my pyjamas =)
I passsed everything! tot i could make it for LAW but lucky haha! yes =p
Hmm... din come back with any leopards this time...
WAiting to get it in TimeSquare =) Cheaper... if u noe how to choose, the quality isnt that bad too =p
Alrite... wanna go FB.. Rock RioT!
Oh btw, just got a name for my band... Boundless Strife =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

puzzleeeDD paramoreeedd

Finished! finally =) now looking for a nice 70*50 frame.
Cant find it in Ikea... =( other places are expensive and looks cheapo.
I finished my last piece this time! *again*
hehe.. it's now currenly hiding under my bed to aviod ppl stepping and walking on it.

Paramoring the whole day!!!
Nice to drive around with paramore jamming.
I came back alone after sending Michelle home tuesday nite.... damn scary! scared to look at the mirror. After see someone else in the car... wuuu chilly!
I speed and turn on the radio damn loud wei! lolx..
Run in the lift and went straight in ad crazy scary!
Duwana drive along...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


MJ inpersanator =) too bad i missed his dance. but aunts saw. Said he was awesome!
He's the 2nd runner-up of the summit usj's saturday's competition.
Looks like Mj from far =) haha...
The other peformers were not bad.. but the top 3 was pros =>
nice! the winner is a belly dancer.. she's good ! my gosh! i wanna learn too. if only there's a friend who can join me. I'll sign up for sure!
Then i'll have nice body hehe...
Nothing mush happened today.
Stayed at home. Just downloading songs and arranging them...
For my cousin's wedding =)
The wedding is on next month but already getting ready now =)
Bought all the outfits and all already!
Ohya! i went to sense today... nice bikinis there!
I wanna go get them! i want i want!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lurve Lurve

Quarter finish... 2nd puzzle together =)
It's 10 bucks u noe! and it's 75*50 which is super big! Cant even fit on my table to do. ahha gotta bend down on the floor. walk also susah.
Haizz... holidays so bored. no outings with friends, tak ajak pun! all sibuk only...
So spent time being driver here and there... the rest of the day.... facebook & puzzle haha..
And cooking too =) so dunneed to go out makan everyday.
Expensive... not like the chef very chun also...
Tuesday was my elder bro's bought the wireless mouse for him.. till now havent use yet haha..
He just caught a bat from my area's playground. Coz i told him i heard them flying around everytim i'm down at night =)
So small! so kesian... he brought back to his lab ad.... till now not home yet. duno wats going on.
He got this project to do about fruit bats. suddenly so into bats.
He actually went and set up the trap at 3am and caught this insect bat here.
Beautiful butterfly flew on my pants while i was waiting for lil bro's claz to end.
Me with my malindi grey... the oone i wore to AAR =)
i actually went to the official crocs shop the other day. THey both looked exactly the same! wuhooo.. duno yes o not.. all this roadside crocks shop hmmm.. but it's comfortable tho =) worth it.

OMG! Malaysia snowed! christmas time.. haha nola!
Fogging! =) so smelly yer.. lucky i sempat finish masak and cover all. if not all smells like it.
Boring la today.... nothing much.
Downloading songs for my cousin's wedding to play during the biggy dinner.
All the old ppl will be there... so there's no paramore in the list =/
All the oldies which most of them sound sleepy.
I took sentimentals tat are not too old but nice...
Like 98degrees- i do, Clayaiken-the way, Blue-best in me and lots more...
one in a million =)
my dinner for today.
hahha nola... got others to... this picture is to show my red hottt spicy love towards u! yes u! =)
heheh... chilli is super spicy! this one is the smallest in the packet lolx.
Just like my fingernail and it taste like i ate the whole 10grams of chilli padi! seriously.
Chilli is homemade haha.. planted in usj6 but a man whom i called james bond =) 007
Chun grandpa! nice chillies =p Thanks Ryan.
Mom luv it so much always ask to top up when finish. i only malu to ask haha.
U noe wat... we should plant a tree... then as we grow older together, so will it. =)
then it'll be our tree. not bad huh!

Monday, November 9, 2009

School+church+Leopardyyy 5

On SATURDAY... i Went back to SMK USJ8... Librarian jamuan outside library where they had BBQ. Yummy =) Glad i went there.. met old friends. felt older too haha... Library changed alot. the pillars i painted with bright yellow faded... the room where i did tulips was replace by boring white paint. =( other than that, it was a mess! books everywhere, dust everywhere... cannot blame coz we having party hehe, moving chairs and tables out for us to makan. We had new tiles too kewl... Food? hmm... bbq chickens, domino's pizza, some cookings from U8's cathering claz and much more. couldnt even finish. teacher took back. Ohyea! i got the cabutan bertuah... lucky draw =) nice! but towel only haha... came home and let my bro, marcus open for me =p we had musical chair which i din play coz was too into the leopard books they have there lolx.. and fantasy stories.... fairies, dragons.... dwarfs lolx nice.. then they had this amazing race lolx.. cehhh, around the school only haha! which i have mastered the whole place there... haha..
Then there's this teka-teki session haha... i gave up on guessing and they have to draw my face with lipstick haha... now u noe why i looked like some naruto fella.. haha.
It's really fun meeting all of them. happy to see teacher too.
Lolx she said she always check out my facebook haha.. wa dangrous lolx..
Came home bathed and slept awile on went for dinner.
Went churh... (RLC)REnewal Lutheran Chruch... Ryan's church.. it was really really big! awesome place man! =) Went there around 11.30+ I was a new commer so they gave some goody beg haha.. nice! lotta stuff inside =p nice church... lotta ppl so there's lesser socializing which is good.
And then we went Middvalley. Sushi king for lunch... was so hungry! regreted ordering so much food =(
Soybeans! 4 bucks looks little but after u sqeeze them all out... OMG! haha... too much! blekkk..
But it's good for my growth lolx... i ate till it's left like 6-8 biji. haha
Then we walked around and bought stuff..
Look at the sky!!! it's like heaven! =) nice weather!
Seeeee! that's wat i bought =) nice rite! finally.. they have got this shop near the cinema ... filled with leopard stuff.. cool!
haha i only bought one. they have the stering thingy, pillow, blanket, purse(Which looked really thick and big) and lots more.. haha i wanted the small lil beg so i can fit in my make ups but too bad... next time!
PARAMORE ROCKSSS!!! Blasted in the car lolx -)
Nothing much to do at home today.. it rained in the afternoon... =( so muddy all around!
Painted my nails haha leopard! and then fix my new puzzle... damn big la!
Even bigger than my table lolx...
alrite.. gona facebook now. upload some pix and tag tag tag!

Friday, November 6, 2009


My senior, my brother, my best friend, my blueblack maker, my armour to hide in, my sword to count on, my couch to sit on when i need a break, my bed to lie on when i'm exhausted, my tissue when i cry, my keyboard when i'm bored, my punching bag when i'm angry, my memory card who happens to be on every page of my dairy, my lips of encourangement, my legs to get me through every step, my hands to grab every chance that can make me shine, my wolf to go wild with at night along the fullmoon, my milkshake, my future, my darling, my baby, my dearest Ryan, he is! the one and only, grestest boyfriend of mine and i'm really proud of it.

I noe i have done the most stupid thing on earth during the pass few weeks. I noe it'll be hard to forget but pls pls gimme some time and u'll noe. Im really really sorry about that, and u noe how sorry i was! I hope i can make it back up to u. I feel like i was gonna die seeing u like that. I din want it to happen like that, i saw the changes of your eyes and the way u speak to me that night on the see-saw. I was actually hidding my feelings and trying to be strong hoping that you could get someone that is alot better than me. Seeing u like that really hurts me alot and i noe i must let go because i have done so much bads towards such a good guy like u. I couldnt help thinking bout you that time, what i have turned u into. I think i have made the right choice that time but i have just jumped into a deep well filled with darkness. but u were there... u din give up pulling me. i was the one who insits on staying in the well but u just kept screaming my name and calling me back up. At times, i think u were the one who stops me from doing things i like and wat i think is rite and fun to do. You neva gave up. neva! I prayed and prayed for u to go away and have fun with betta gurls... Sooner than i tot, God answered my prayers and showed me the way. I listened to God and followed as i noe he's always rite. It was like in waking up from a dream. I was the dummess gurl on earth and i deserve a big punishment. a big one. I noe wat i have done was soo outta the way .... sooo wrong! I felt like hiding my face and runing away. But you helped me go through it all. I regret for wat i have done. I noe it's the 3rd time this had happend. It wasnt as serius as this time. I am really really sorry. i regret for wat i have done to u. Everytime i see you, i think twice when reacting or words when i speak because im afraid of hurting u again. Im not being manja this few days... i just din want u to leave me that night when i cry. It feels awful without u.. u noe... all of a sudden i realize everything. Realize how much u actually love and care for me like nobody else will. Realize how will i be without u here with me. and now i hate myself. Hate myself for saying i dun love you. You might think i'm crapping all this shit for fun.. but i'm not. this is the 1st time spending my midnite digging how i feel and put it into words for you and you're the only guy i have done this with. I have neva neva bother about all this . all i want was just to have fun and i dun give a shit to those who are in the way of me getting things i want. u noe about all this shit bout me. i really mean wat i say and it's not all just shakespear or wateva. I'm really happy that u still accept me after all i have done. Even after i have became so filty and dirty as left overs by the roadside. I am really happy that u took me back on the right path where i am rite now. I promise i will neva neva let you down. No more next time! i am sure about it.

"...Cause you're the only one who's on my mind, i'll neva eva let u leave me. i try to stop time for eva neva wanna hear u say goodbye..." (Untouched, the Veronicas) >>>>>

Leopardyyy 5

If you realized, Leopard and cheetah looks really similar.. in terms of their spots.. =) Leopard looks fierce and strong WiaOOO =) Cheetah.. aww... so cute! hehe..this is still the best!

Leopard Gecko! lolxso cute haha... smiling to the camera samore lolx.. spent time onlining the whole day abour leopards only. haiz... getting crazy!

See! even Hayley and Avril go leopard! Avril even made it as one of her designs for Abey hehe...
So kewl rite! Cant wait to finish up my collections! u guys gota help me! haha... =)
I noe it's alot but hmm... but by bit =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leopardyyy 6

Muahaha... went leapard wild today lolx.
Wanna get it all! went to the cotton duno wat shop... the one that's from Australia but stated made in China.. big sale there in pyramid. two falts for 60 bucks only. they have leopard ones too but the toe part uncomfortable. NOw 5 down, 67 more leopards to go! yes!
hmm... nothing much today... boring day.
Ohya, i'm hired lolx... 5 bucks a day as my mom's driver lolx.
Not bad huh... =)

OMG!!! this is so nice... i wanna get one! i want i want! but those that i saw are not really nice...
Hmm.. any recomment where to get pretty ones?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


A super combo! really suits wat i was thinking all the time...
Hayley Holding a pink skull which indicates Avril of course and with the black nails and the feeling of Cassadee.
Wuhooo! it equals to>>>> Me
I luv them all!!!
If only i can be on stage like them....
Oh well, if only it happens....
This is the only thing that i want but i cant get...
ok ok ... sorry RYAN my dear... i'm gonna be positive!
Nitexxx people... It's HOLIDAYS FOR ME!!!!! yes!
Take care my friendzzz


~~ AAR 31/10/09 6pm at Bukit Jalil~~
Went with lotta ppl!!! Met few classmates there....
The place was like so damn packed. Took half an hour to reach the entrance for the concert.
Ppl were all squashed. I was one of them... it's like hugging everyone there. With all the unknown ppl's sweaty skin sticking to mine and their BO is like OMG! Couldnt stand it.
Oxygen in need to the max! couldnt even get some air... as i was wearing my silver malindi crocs which is flat =( and yes i am short!
I was like superduper close to passing out. Damn sweaty and cant breath at all! I was like sqauting down catching my breath... my gosh.. it was so sary. Even if i do faint, hell no i will not get outta the corwd. I was telling my self to hold up... and then they start to move bit by bit.
was a releif awhile.... they stop! i was like OH NOOO!!! by that time, i cant feel my hands, i couldnt stand.... i just lean on coz i noe, anything now!
Lucky theres Ryan.. which took it as a joke and din really give much support at first...
But kept me going... when i saw the guards and the gate. OMG! i was pushing my ass out! Killing ppl infront. i dun care! i need the air! and i went rushing in. OMG! nightmare!
I sat aside awhile with Ryan who then bought me milo and fanned me while the others went to the front of the stage....
took me like 15 minutes to recover and i was 100PERCENT on high and jumping with the band!'IT was SUPERB! AAR rocks my sockxx.
Together with high school friends jumping and screaming and singging along...
Made me sweat badly from the roots of my hair till the end! imagine that!
I was full wet... together with lil drizzle of rain in between the band exchange... =)
It was AWESOME!!! Local band PopShuvit Rocks TOO! OMG i couldnt believe locals can be that good =P Proud la bro! ehehehe...
was so outta breath screaming! wuhoooo!!! super dehydrated after that..
like dried ikan bilis lolx...
Went for a drink, left the crowd on the 3rd last song of AAR to the back store. SkyJuice to me that time was the tasties drink... tasted like HEAVEN! =)
Tyson came out with white sleeveless and redindian feather thingy on the head lolx..
He was liek so damn gatal that day. OMG! make my hand bulu all stand up!
he said... he wanna tell the girls something... something DIRTY!!! a secret... ya know!
OMG i was jumping the shit otta me lolx...
suddenly became a fan of them.. which i wasnt really interested in them at first. ahha...
And then went with the others... the 1ts one was of course... move along =)
And then damngirl, it ends tonight, I WANNA TOUCH YOU! PHEWWW.... sweat more than u can see like the fish lolx... around 10songs they played i think!
And then we went to 3k's A&W for a drink... journey back? 10minutes! lolx...
Ryan noes the back way man! You rock!!! =)
And then met college friends there... Went mamak after that awhile and went home.
You noe wat?! i realize i have got no house key !!! called everyone's number and smsed nobody answered.. it was like 2.30am... and then... i went a super awesome fella(SAF)'s house... bathed and wore SAF's clothes! lolx... Had severel toe cramps after that as usual lolx.. and once cramp at the wateva part u called between the knees and the ankle hehe... Which somehow pain till now...
had a swollen toe cause of the day before yesterday's playfulnees of muaaa! ehehe...
Well, had agood time... had a good sleep last night and came home and slept from 12-4++ which i'm sure of sleeping super early in the morning tonight!
Thanks for taking care of me! LUV YA! =*