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Monday, June 4, 2012

Melacca 2/06/2012 - 3/06/2012

What nice windy day to fly kite.

Me and lil bro, we wore matching Mario shirt =)
Mine is pink. His is white tho you cant see it here...

We went to the beach side in Melacca. Think its called Klebang. (Where they have the Submarine)

We got there just an hour before sunset =)

Thats my bro and his beetle.Its his first time flying a kite.
Was so so excited =) Happy for him
The beetle Its flat at the sides which makes it smoother to fly. 
 Compared to my butterfly which have wave sides catches the wind too much =(

Just along the same beach.
(Dataran 1 Malaysia, Klebang)

It's a decommissioned Royal Malaysian Navy submarine.
(French-made Agosta 70 class)

Me and Bro having fun taking over the submarine =)

What the wind did to my hair ...


Went to Jongker Walk at night. 

Fried raddish in soy sauce.
Tast awesome with chilli sauce.

My bro's MUST-HAVE swirly potato with sauce of your choice.
(tomyam, chilli, curry, bbq, mustard, pepper, mayonnaise, wasabi...)


Went around Melacca the next day.

Hot and sunny as usual

Had ice cream that day. Dripped some on my shirt (covered by the fan)

Went to a Restaurant to chill and get some drink.

Below are pictures of the backyard. Complete with a little pond and ducks.

Then i went for an express manicure! =)
RM10 along Jongker Street.

Thats all folks