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Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 in 1 =)

and mummy cut my fringe!
=( ahhhh!
my hair!
its like bye bye Avril Lavigne
hello Mary Winstead!
fyi! the gurl from Make It Happen!
luv her!
i luv to watch dance show. but i can never afford my dance classes..

ordered Pizza Hut for dinner =) yay!

bro brought home 3 tortoise ehhe.. so cute !

2 boys picking up dried leaves =)
they are both so cute!
1 is hyper another is just plain cute
some elder boys came and kicked on the leaves.
and the little one say.... *kick!*
they both came and shifted their terretory.

Both kerjasama and shifted.

And i'll protect it! =)
haha so cute!
i was like taking then suddenly he looked haha...


Went eclipse with ma juniors =)
omG! jacob is soooooooooo HAWT!
he's sooo mine!
i'lll be MRS black! who cares about if youre MRS Cullen huh Bella? =)
hahah i got everything i need!
oh and i bought 4 pairs of earings, 2 story books and my lunch haha.
spent 10 bucks to get closer to Jacob... awww.. its ok jacob, its just 10bucks ! for the whole 2 hour with u!

Monday, July 12, 2010

SHOPping time!

Right after ma Advertising test!!! =)
POINT B here i come!
the cheapest and that has both the quality and the ke-cantik-ness lol.
and yes! i bought clothes!

The top, its actually a dress lol... with a golden zip in front.. but nah! skip that.
but i luv the color tho.
and the skinnies! =p luv the highlights on the side =) makes my tigh look skinier
but aww... it doesnt fit my waist tho... 24 too tide 25 loose...
neva can find a good skinny jeans!

Its summer! really need some floral clothes haha...
a simple tubedress yay!
got that =p
its actually halter but im thinking of cuttin the string out=)

haha spot the magnetic tag thingy! lol
yeap a super laced top and a no idea wat ya call that!
i luv the skirt tho =p maybe not the top tho it doesnt comes together haha.
saje wear it on.

yeap! its actually a dress haha gotcha! =)
hmm.. too matured?
and eeek! the cloth is biting my skin!
big no no!

back to my comfy-just-for-exam outfit =)
and went home to sleep!
snoores! haha not really end up twiting tho.

Painted my nails super chalky pink yesterday.
just at the same time ma super awesome designer ajak snooker... which isnt my thing.
and nope! i have no idea how to play that.
we booth figured out its too smooky and wasting $$ coz i refuse to learn lol.
dinner canceled coz apparently da smart ass has got someone to tapau KimGary haha
so off i went with ma family.
oh yea! mom says the porridge and the chakuey in the new mall. wat u call that?
erm.... galleria.. oh erm.. Empire! yes! ahha just asked marcus lol.
must try!
anyone wanna join?

lol mom helped! see ! my nails! transformed lol.
for fun.

flipped my PR book and watched the one and only hokkien show i watch on TV8
hhehe... luv the gurl .. LEI LEI
if u watch, its really ganjiong for tmr's episode.
so boring!
im on tweet limit again! ish!
hate it!
click the follow button!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie-Despicable Muaa

Despicable me was soooo funnY!
hhaha the gurl! the lil gurl!
she's just soooo freaking cute!
its something like the tooth fairy tho...

Went out for dinner with Mic and shaun =p
boring nitezZZz

Usher RaymondIv

Yeah man! Usher live 7/7/10 9pm Bukit jalil KL =p
apparently, the QUEEN came the same time as Usher! ALL RISE.
It rained before that and me and my friends and my lecturer, MS C was walking like lost cats looking for mummy(food) lol.
and we went a big round around the stadium and finally found the food court which was near where we started walking lol.
actually i knew where it was but at first i tot we where going to carefour lol.. which was soooo far!

Usher came out with white top! yay!=p
he's nostrils where crazy huge lol.
anyway, he danced like the 2nd MJ! wuhoo! he totally rocked the stage.
ALong with his sexy long legged dancers and those muscular hip hoppers!
Luved his song soo freaking much! hehe...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another ordinaryy Dayy~~

College life suckz?? nuhoo! who says!?
College life is so freaking hectic but at the same time pretty awesome! =)
u've got ur friends to suffer with! haha and youre lecturers too! lolx marking ur papers and assignment and doing their stuff at the same time =p
you've got ur family members annoying you! haha about how much time u have been speding with youre laptops and not with them?
staying back too much in college? ahah or out for too much discussion? hahha..
too bad! thats college! no room for boyfriends lolz nola JK! theres room! lolx.. but thats not my concern..

Oh well, i had to take the buss home that day... coz class ended earlier! didnt want mom to come all the way to pick me up =p
but!! regreteed!! ishh
Hate taking the bus! ITs such a waste of time waiting for it...
plus itl be so freaking hot and sweaty! and ill be so sticky! hate it!!! =='
Stupid buses!
my view.. for the whole half an hour! on the'



And down>>>>

Seriously nothing interesting! other than smeling the smoke from every car that passes by! and smell and the shitty smel from the longkong!

Finally on the bus! aircond! but feeling smelly... ppl around smells like sweat and eww! the rain.. they are like been waiting for buses too! just like me. eww. bet i smell bad! not that i always smel good. but i just dun feel well! =='

Anyway... Rmb i said i went shopping!? haha yeah! see>>>>
my 1st tee shirt!hehee never had that color before!
Lurve the gurl there..s uper cute! hehe

I wore it the 2nd day too ! hahah the dress with Laytheng. her's is grey!
ahaha friends said were from the jail haha =p
Lurve lurve <3

and then the next day! the free skull spaghetti hehe..
Gawd! with my hair all wet just mandi je! hehe

Last one! still havent wear it yet.. i got the leopard tights tho ahaha.. gona pair with my boots! but its brown..

PAramore still on my wall babeEE!! but soon.... they gona have Justinbieber staring back at them hehehe...
kk off! chao chao

Friday, July 9, 2010


OMG! dun even remember when was the last time i saw u gurl! haha
neways, no pix today! sry!
went out for dinner at OLDTWON.
and then to my park for some air and the Mic's park for more air lol.
and then to Naili's where i met another grouppa friends =p
AND more air!
and then back home bathed and here i am!
twitting! FBkin, blogging and translating english to jap haha.
some paramore fan i met online from japan lol.
so hard to commmunicate ahha
kkk !

finals next mon and wed!
But waittt.... study week now! and 3 weeks break later!!
heres the thing!
MA to do list

i wanna go Eclipse with Shinnie and gang
Go Eclipse with Eilyn!!!
over night at Eilyn's place.
and then out for Genting with my EspritZZ haha
And then tag along with Mic to Nose's sale =)
Bibble study of course !
and then erm.... out for jogs and sit ups with my BFF
more shoopping with ma private designer lol, Willy boi!
go grab willy's babe her dress!
out for more gatherings!
and then wat else? ahah
for now oh and not 4getting!!
JUST in Bieber !! plz1 =)
nitez Peeps and Beebs!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I dun rmb when was the last time i blogged...
People blog when they are sad.. they blog when they are bored, blog when u just feel like pouring your feelings out.
But nobody cares to blog about happy things! they are just too busy enjoying it and forget to share!!!
When people are sad, they blog because they want to be cared! youre just tooo busy suffering!

Time flies faster when youre having fun.. u noe like when youre younger and u play at the playground? those are the times that i never get enough!
i was carefree and happy all the time.
and now? problems, sadness, frustrations, madness, ignorance, decisions and decisions to be made day after day!

i always tell my mom. happy or sad, we must live our lifes.. so why not live it happily?
and yes~ saying it gives me more motivation but its just sooo darn hard! when u have got so many things to face!