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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ipoh Babee

Me and Esther's cooking! =p
Lucky neve burn down the house.
pork was hard, cant find curry powder got tomyam pulak.
I found out me and esther's cooking diff.
the egg was the best!!!
500ml a day keeps the fats growing! haha =p

On the way to ipoh on saturday.
So sleepy...Marc sleep like pig ah...
The head bangger.
Bang me and my elder bro's shoulders bengkak ad.
So cute! see his face!
Guess who?? lolx...
Wiggle wiggle went the hungry frog.... =p

YUM! lolx

the cousin-cousin relationship =p
Got bored in ipoh... nothing to do there.
and started drawing... saved the pix on my phone as my guide as i draw.
My 1st serius drawing hehe..
My 1st Naruto art...
Sorry la if it's not very gud.
Tried my best... Think i did 2 in a day...





Friday, August 28, 2009

Feellingss out

I just feel like typing today... no idea why. I'm feeling very down these few days. Very sad and frus... but today, there's a lil anger in me. Even when i went trevelling both in melacca and genting, i wasnt at all happy there. Maybe just for that few minutes yea but other then that, i din really enjoyed myselft there. It's quite a pity for me because its a vacation and its for relaxing and having fun and yet, i got it ironicaly... sad case there! I have got lotta prob with my family... they just dont quite get along very well. Bad temper, attitude prob, communicaiton prob, understanding prob, accusing ppl, forcing things to be done in their way and then end up quarelling, selfish, 4ever with negative toughts, no gud encouragement, low understanding of other culture like contonese ppl speaks a lil rough sometimes but that's the way they do it plus sometimes, its just how they express stuff and doesnt really mean wat they say, you just gotta accept it and overprotective too plus alot more!!! try to add this kinda ppl in ur everyday life... It sux i tell u! Never have fun them anywhere. IT's just sad sometimes when one day u come home feeling sad and tired and you got shoot and bomb on the 1st sentence when you speak. you;re already very exhausted and needed some rest and then... drama here and there. Sometimes quarel over small things. Never sit down and think a bit before you lay out words to he others. The end of the sentence its always:" i will never ever talk to you again! / never ever go out with you / never ever whateva la." All this nonsense... it's just every word u say and the way u phrase it must be like that person is ur highness or wateva. That's just not rite... i noe parents are parents but not like hi, you look lovely today! what can i do to help you? can i rest a moment?.... do you even talk like that??? the most polite word i mean the most classic word i have been tough is "teacher may i go to the toilet pls" amd saying thank you. When we get old, we just smile at the teacher and walk out. she doesnt even care. It's like we have grew up know wat are we doing and they dun give a damn how u speak to them .. wat the hell. It's just wierd to not brought up to talk like that and suddenly you gotta change.

Somtimes, i'm just crying inside. Trying my very best to fit in but it just seems so impossible. they dun give in and you just tepuk sebelah tangan. When you'r feeling down, they pull you even lower then u can sit. when you're happy and smile, they try everyway to grab ur leg and put you where u first learn to stand up. They find ways to turn u down. I just cant help it sometimes and just lock myself in my rum and leave my heart out to cry. And then when they forcely question it outa you... they start telling you how sad they are themself that i react that way and how pity they are themself to face us and how bad they tried to cover it up. It's like a tug-a-war. pulling here and there... a competition perharps who wins the most sympathy. think about it... it this the way??
I noe people have got their own prob... but you just gota sit down and refresh. not going all insane about it... being like some phsyco there! ishhh... the worst is getting everyone involve in it...
Well, i got shot a few times today and it's like a daily routine now. Sometimes, i prefer to sit down and be quite. but then they say you're in bad mood or angry at them or refuse to do work when they ask when i silently just nod my head. and if i react happy and talkaltive, they'll ask if i have anything in mind. When i wanna go out with some friends just lepaking, they'll make it look like i'm never comming back. They say ok ok u can go but they scream and shout at you before you go out. Sometimes, they just keep asking you to help them in everything and says that i'll be out the whole day and wont be around any time to help. pada hal i went for few hours only. Sometimes i just feel like staying at home and not going out or asking ppl to come.

Of course i wanna meet my friends and rexter and all... just that it make it so hard for me. sometimes, i wana freeze the time and evreyone, i mean not everyone! and just relax myselft a lil , loosen up a lil... sometimes, i dun even care what they say and do wat i want but i always get the pay back at the end. but sometimes it's just worth it... i'll do anything when there's rexter. No one's gonna stop me. not even you, rexter if u have a chance to read this. It's just stress-free when i'm with you. well, yea sometimes there's a lil misunderstanding, but it's alrite, i've told u once and told you twice and again and again. it's just up to you whether u rmb it or not. neway, you;re not the prob in my life ... you're more like the oxygen of my life or the light in my darkest moment or wateva in those olden day's romance script....

When there's an argument, when someone starts the fire, i always try to put it out. Try to make it lesser conflict and then at the end, i got myself in the scene and start getting scolded...
While i'm typing this out... my house in a bit of chaos now... the drama just started. Haiz no comment.. And i'm ordered to sleep rite now 12.35am... or else i'm gonna give my dad a shorter life... see!

So, yea! niteZ

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Reached Genting around lunch time on saturday... =)
After a great night of sleep.
Just like in the movie....
EdwardCullen:" is it not enuf just to have a long and happy life(night) with me?"
Alrite alrite! haha crazy of him ad...
Everything "u" say seems to connect to him.. =)
See the mist?? marc placed his palms on the windscreen for like 2min.
And there's a shape of his hand.

Hantu dancing lolx...
SO funny!
DAncing tamil songs. so fun.
Audience tooo lol...
Lagi funny seeing the indian guys shaking their asses with the hantus.

The three hoodies... =p
Robin hoods' s decendents.

And then we went shopping with mom!
Fav & pretties model!!! luv to look at her.
@ bumcity
and then we went home to have a gud night rest.
Was so tired....
Watched MJ till 12am..
Me and my mom cried. so sad for him.
MArc kept asking why did he die and why he wanna die.

Perfume? check!
Going out now my dear! lolx...
Have to inform pulak.
Kena snap shot by mom..
When pandagurl meets the panda =p

Now u see....
Now u dont!
Lolx... so boring waiting for dad and marc to come for lunch.

Cotton candy! but too sweet... mom forced in my mouth lolx.
That's wat me and my bro do in genting..
After bowling, archery after bowling, archery... for two days!
Marc got so tired after bowling, he kinda got grumpy during archery.
Accidently scratched his face with the arrow when releasing the bow.
Mom bought the scarf for me... lolx..
The malay workers laughing at me there at the archery place.
See! a promise is a promise!
Got it! running in the carpark to collect genting's mist and air in a genting bottle.
Too bad it went outta shape by the time i reach home.
But i still did it! =p

~~The next day~~

Reached melacca evening...
Got lost on the way lolx.
Went to visit dad's customer 1st.
And then to lunch at some taiwan restaurant.
finally took a nap in the hotel.
Too bad 4gotten to bring swimming suit there.
Got bathtub too bt no time plus lazy.

Dangerous... next time must keep my phone below my pillows.
Now marc can even reply msg...

Went to visit it at night.
The lightings are all so nice !!!
Busytaking pix only.
Din ride.
Marc scared.

Jonker walk at night??
People drinking beer in the bar and all.

Yamcha opposite Mahkota hotel...
Till so late at night. Lotta pubs here! So many apeks.
It's beside the seas. Very nice and windy.
Went back to the hotel around 12 ithink...
Marc ate too much and was really full till he said he cant breath lolx..
That fat soh.. just dont noe when to stop.

Well... the next day....
Upclose... Mom took on the river cruise in malaysia. =p
Went around the river of melacca. so many things.
Nice.. guided =p
Lunch at jonker walk...
Chick rice ball.
One of my rice ball rolled haha... caz i pooked it with my fork lolx..

Melacca's conpulsary visits.

Went shopping at some mall... melacca parade or wateva lolx..
See! nice wet collar shirt!

When you're feeling a lil tired... go to the left side of the street to get a massage on ur left leg and go to the opposite to get ur right feet done lolx..
If u get what i mean.... look closely at the logo.

Pink beca! haha =)
Arizona jamming studio @ melacca

Bro bought some wire made robot... 2 for 10 bucks.
Bought one for ESther too. She told me she wanted the saxophone the last time.
So i got it for her.
REached home late and went online.
Lolx.. check my farm.
and do facebook quiezes till 3 am lolx..
So tired!
1 thing bad about melacca is...
IT's super hot in the day.
Hard to find normal restaraunt open in the morning around 9-10 and lunch time 2-3.
Funny... dont they open like tll evening???
and the road signs are reallly bad plus they are all 1 way so if anything goes wrong..
can never u-turn.
Gotta start from the beginning again.