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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Body on Fire

Woot! no time to blog yo! 
Also, theres just too many social networks nowadays which keeps me thinking hmmm.. should I update on my Line, Wechat, Keek, FB, IG, Pinterest or should i just blog it?

I've decided that I should only use Blog when i don't need to communicate/get my friends response and use FB when i need to.
Pinterest are for my own interest. like a collection book.
Instagram will be used when theres not much to type but pic nie.
And the rest of the mobile apps (line,whatsapp,wechat etc) are for free texting and calls only.

Alright, let's get to business lol.

Good news and bad news.

Good news: I finally settled on a job and found a new hobby.

Bad news: I finally settled on a DESK job and found a new hobby, CROCHET.
Which means, alot of sitting and alot of finger exercises =(

I gained weight! 
That's one of the worst news for most girls.

I need to work out. I dont wanna sign up to a gym coz i dun fancy working out in a closed aircond gym. So im still gona stick to d park near to my home and workout in my room. 

now is just to get myself inspired n keep goin. Coz it sux to stop halfway. I hope i wun! Needa surround myself with awesome figure girls. I used to stare at VS angels but i frel like that is too imposible. Im not born with those super slim n curvy figure. So propotionate n beyond perfect. So now i just wanna  get healthy n getting toned.

I did a lil reserach on workouts n health pages. Im loving Livestrong and Blogalites. they r both very helpful! Livestrong has got everything u need to knoeabout health n fitness! Really! Workout vids, diet n workout charts, .
 myth busters and alot more! Hehe and Blogalites is awesome too because im loving d concept of doing pilates at home. Their workout vids r awesome. I love Cassie! She is super supportive. Words cant explain how awesome is blogalites.U HAVE TO CHECK OUT THEIR APP! its very worth it. 

Fuuuh..., geting overwhelmed thinking abt blogalites. ^^ 

aite! Blog soon! On workout updates! Or u can chekout my ig too. I update ig more often. ^^


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Public Holiday ^^

Punlic holiday! Finally! Time to brinf my disty makeup pallets out to use just for fun ^^ i look like im crazy if this were to be my everyday make up lol.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March shopping spree

What i bought in the month of March? ^^
Here's some of it!
(fyi, i did not buy all of these in a day! lol)

I went to the 2013 International Shoe Festival. took the ktm to Putra station and walked there.
Fuuh! sweating the whole time! and there were alot of ppl in the pwtc hall. Super packed
I bought pairs of flats i bought from Jokebox. RM29.90 each.
Super pretty! I'm a fan of lace and sequins!

(Again: sorry don't really have time to go in detail. so ill just do a caption below each photo. Sorry for d crazy typos!)

Got tired and most of them doesn't have my size so i went off to The Mall.

Bought this for 70% off! It was 39.90 as well!

Replaced my socks. Most of them are worned out.
Bought wedges for RM20 bucks sadly i only wore it 4 times before the heel came off.

Yay! biggy bag! 35bucks ^^

Yes im a fan of chokers too!

and yes! a fan of hairbands! lol goodness im a fan of so many things!


Bought all these online. I don't think they need captions. but they are all about RM18-RM35.

I'm a big fan of skater skirts! <3 p="">

and a fan of leopard prints! <3 pink="" td="" ties="" with="">

and lace!  oh wait. i said i love lace previously. lol
This is a pant dress. Sry camera over exposure.

and dusty.

Proof ! I do love laces!

Got my first wooled top. pink and white! comfy.

ok. i don't need to repeat myself rite.

Peace! i feel 10years younger lol.

Last but not least! this! Red is my current fav color.
 Sorry bought to hair! was gona go bathe hehe ^^

That's all peeps! will do a summary again for April =)
If you want an earlier update, you gota check out my Instagram account.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Twenty Two

Day 2 at Cameron's Highland.
Went to the Strawberry farm, Kea farm, Boh Tea farm, S corner, Cactus valley and Butterfly park (which has Rabbits, rooster, duck, beetle, stick insect, paper frog, scorpion etc...)

(Again: sorry don't really have time to go in detail. so ill just do a caption below each photo. Sorry for d crazy typos!)

Tha main entrance

Fried Ice Cream. Ofcourse, with Strawberry flavor)
My Bro insist of buying another one. lol but we didnt coz it was close to lunch time.
The Best Fried Ice-cream EVER!
Bro doesnt eat Strawberries lol so i voluntarily took the honor! I never liked the taste of Strawberries but in Cameron's it is completely different.
This is part of the BOH Tea farm. It's extremely huge! The roads are winedy and narrow. There were a few road police there to help out. Coz the road can hardly fit two cars side by side. My mom swore she will never ever come up here ever again. lol we'll see! oh and one more thing, can you see the lil hut on the top right? We went there for tea time ^^ It is super super high up. My dad's first reaction was. Walau! so high up! will jatuh onot? lol but we went anyway.
This is me, pretending to collect Tea leaves. lol
Marcus stood at the end of the Restaurant. I shivered to death but managed to take a pic for him. He said it was sooo beautiful! I couldn't bring myself there. Its too high and too scary.

This is what we had for tea! the special BOH tea of course and Strawberries!!!

Strawberry tart!

Yummy! extremely good! must have!
tadaa... down we go! So steep! i was dying lol. 
Folling around with my bros and the lowest part of the BOH tea plantation.
Fresh air!!! i miss it now =(
My younger brother is a fan of beetles.
Got influenced by the Mushiking card game. We brought him to visit the Butterfly park. The only place they have beetles.
The place was filled with these butterflies!!! They are everywhere!
Look so much more beautiful and healthier than the ones in our KL butterfly parks.
I feel like shaking the plant and watch all the butterfly fly up at the same time. I think that'll look super good.
And they are huge! the size of my palm!
This lil lonely orangy butterfly. It was in the middle of the walkway.
 It has a zigzagged pattern at the end of it's wing. So pretty!
There were alot of other species but most of them are on the ceiling net. So i cant really give a close shot.
Beautiful Polka Dot butterfly! I hope you can see it!
Sorry, my phone camera doesn't have a zoom function. =(
(using Samsung S Advance)

Elder bro caught me taking pic of the Butterflies. 
No idea why he decided to take a meaningless picture of me and my younger bro. hmmm...

Eww... ants! so many!!! Def too delicious.

BUNNIES! Super cute!
I wanted to touch their nose. There were soooo cute!
My elder bro shouted at me before i could. " They bite!"
This picture is entirely about my hair lol.
L.A.M.E right? haha but i tought i had my hair dyed caramel brown. y is it reddish? hmm
Me and Bunnies! No don't eat my hair!
Super fat Guinea pigs! Feel like squeezing them.

Oh ya, before that, we went to the nursery.
No doubt they have the healthiest and prettiest flower i've ever seen!
I think its coz of the lovely weather and temperature here.
Even i felt healthier and prettier when i was there. lol self-praise is no praise. i know!
I didn't take much pictures coz im not a big fan of plants and flowers but this is so special.
I wonder what is it called! Looks like a ballerina right?

Thank God for beautiful world!