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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day out with Gurllyy

Chiak! the nerdy me =p
Went off to Midvalley the whole dayy

We just love to toilet mirrors lolx..

oh guess wat... Julia is known for getting her finger stuck at a hook.
and im known for getting splashed by lavender lotion on my nose! lolx

We went out to SHOP! lolx..
mostly for Julia.. formal clothes! my legs hurt like crap wei! hhhaha...
all because of JULIA!

I've been staring at myself most of the time lolx. noe y? lolx.
coz She left me standing outside the fitting, theres a big mirror outside a fitting room.
hahah but i diidnt buy anything!
freaking expensive weiii

super overbudget tho Julia bought alottt

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day at home

tadaa! my breakfast ehhee... Egg Banjo by mummy!

OH yeah, mom bought my cheong sam at Giant hahah =)
super cheap i think =p
and its pink! yay!

(look Carefully)
*produce this flyer and Get FREE Vip Card*

Does it mean that we gota *produce* a new flyer? lolx *cute*

Oh ya, brought mom to the Daorae Korean BBQ in Taipan Usj10 i think lolx.
The workers there are soooooo Frienly. They had more customers than i tot! plus the waiters there can speak fluent Korea language. I stare at them blankly nie =p

The food was awesome! but again ... so fill-ing haha =p
these are the side dishes =)
theres 2 korean shop there tho.. can try -p

Saturday, January 15, 2011

100Degrees Japanese Steamboat in 19 Mall.

The settings are alright. Customers have gota sit on the floor and slip their legs beneath the table. =) which means, Shoes off!! =p rmb not to wear expersive shoe if ure going! =)
i wore slippers lolx

We ordered a set for 2 person. hahha which i tot (by looking at the menu) wasnt enough for all of us. but trust me! its sooo fill-ing! hahah =)
THey have got So many flavours of soup to choose from. original, tomyam, bakkutteh, herbal and lots more! =p of course, i took tomyam Nice hehe..

we've got separate soups. 1 for each =p
but my dad ordered the set for 2. so theres only 2 soups =)
had to add 3 ala'carte to get a free 1 so my lil bro took sausages and mom & dad chose the others.

Tadaaa! my tomyam soup!

The food are normal. IT's not *tHAT* japanese actually. like other steamboats.
mom said that the original soup tasted abit Japan-ish .. haha
She didnt like it at first but after boiling all the others in it, it taste better ...
The floors are sooooo sticky and there are like filled with sauces and soup.

Lolx. Otw out to the car park... right before the lift... here it says..
*jangan Suka2 on ini"
Which also means don't simply on it in english but if you understand malay, its funnier! hhhaa

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Burstday Mummy!

My mummy!! =) Happy Birthday mummy =p

Total 18 of us in the Vvip of New Box in ss19 with Buffet yay!
Super big room wei! damn nice!

Suppose to be incharge of lining up the songs! =) can u see me??

Dancing --- *Nobody Nobody But You*

WE sang and sang and sang!
Uncles and Aunties sang their generation punya songs! =)
haha so fun! we just stone there and laugh about everyting =p

Mom, the gurl... make us dance Nobody but you there! lolx.
WE had to =p

The guys

The couples

The kids!

Probably the largest and the best b,day celebration for mumy! yay for her! =p

oh yeah! then we exchanged our prezzies there too!
I'm the Santarina... thats y i had to put on that outfit! =p
lookk>>> my prezzies! yay!
MErry Christmas~

The Arrival from Sweden

The Music of Abba by
Arrival from Sweden

Some Malaysian people dancing the M'sia song!

HEres some Sneak peak! =p

Money Money Money

Mama Mia

Winner takes it All

Thank you for the music

Dancing Queen

3 days @Genting

1st day

3 days to Genting with my Aunties and My family =p
1st day was just bored. Nothing much happened. Let marcus play his game...
his favourites are above. Bet u guys ad noe these arcade games! im so bored with it ad.

2nd day

Aunt from HongKong asked mom and all of us to take these pictures. haha
its really fun! but costs alot!

PLay and Eat the whole day! lolx
Spent lotta money!!!

3rd day

More spendings lolx.. But this time, its Shoping for Christmas!! =) yay!
the fun part =p

These are what we got for our aunts and friends and my mom's =p

back to the caRR! back home!
so frezing cold outside! hah

oh and WE too did changed the tickets we got from arcade to these~ hhe
only managed to take this watch. others are soft toys -p