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Friday, October 30, 2009


Party time!!!
Exam is over wuhoooo.... Friend drew this... nice rite! =)
Chunted M'sia football player! =p
Nice sentimental drawing... See... i broke my nail! lolx... a normal girl problem. hahha...
Went to study at coffebean lolx....
Sad case la. but finally it's all over!
Hmm.. nice weather huh...
Went to party at with friends yesterday.. damn lotta people went...
Took lotta pix.. checkout facebook! =)
Nice having friends... It's like 100 times better than secendary school wei~~
Alrite... gona get ready for AAR tonight!
Let's get the party started!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Was thinking bout my next hair style... Hmm.. Think i'm gonna go for this, since i have ad rebonded my hair before, no prob having layers =)
Hope it's gonne look nice..
And color??
Hmm... orange+white+yellow!
In western country, they saw wow! that's cool, like a rockstar.
In Malaysia ?? aww.. u noe! wat they stereotype bout this chinese ppl with weired hair.
haha.. alrite, i'll go back to red then hehe.
support me!
Went to Old kawan.. near ichban. New restauraunt.
Service bad but it's their 1st day so nvm la. 4get bout it.
Me and my friends waited from 10-11.45pm.. =='
No fud. Got also the chicken chop not cook haiz...
After that, we went to MCD. darn hungry!
And then back to college to discuss bout physco assigment.
Finally both etst done. 1 more to go.... =)
And now 1 presentation, 1 group assigment, 1 more test, 1 more journal and then it's finals on the 28 & 30th =)
And then?? holidays!!! YES!
Must book me now.... b4 i get booked by ppl hheeh...
Dun feel like working this year. waste my time and all.
Afterall, i'm oging hk. Takkan they wanna hire me for like 1 month...
So i'm gonna be over here =p
Going AAR anyone??? come come! =)
it's at bukit jalil 30th now . changed... hope it's gona be nice =)
looking forward...
Haizz sad case these few days darn tired.... ohwell, short sem ending soon ad... =p
Must take care of my health till finals.
Passport out!!! Flight tickets printed! and ready to go.. =p
HK disneyland here i come! 18-30th december.
IT's gona be betwen 8-16 degrees. Pheww..
Got a chance to spend on nice jackets heheh.. Excuses for new shoes and begs =o

Monday, October 12, 2009


I need a brand new eyes for a brand new day...
Dress up like Avril, acts like Hayley and sings like Cassadee.
Combination you'll never get.
Well, hard times this week... Assgiments ... exams and more!
Haiz... no time for nice stuff.
Chilllout! wanna tidur =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

KJP babeeee

Well, had a great time in kl with friends =)
Tho i got myself toe cramp haha .. Yea i noe! toe cramp lolx.. sad case.
Bought more leopard prints! yes!
Wanted to get the jacket too but we went pass the shop.
Haiz regrets! =='
Had a warm welcome by the trio princesses hehe...
And boy! that's a great dinner!
So full till i cant even move.
Chillout upstairs doing assigment heheh =p
alrite alrite! i admit! i had a great nite =)
Buy pao samore....
Gud momories
Hmm.... No idea how to start...
A pix with a million meanings =) Had open house at my friend's house back in USJ3.
Nice house tho it's lil warm that day...
Me and my friends just keep camwhoring! =) Check them out at facebook.
Had lota fun! Happy that it rained too. cooling =p
Nice fud!!! Damn u make the best cookies Afiqa! darn nice!
Cant keep my hands off them.

Shit! 70%??? OMG gota work hard.
Man! i luv this subject!
Miss M Rockxxx


Aww.... stuck with the cubix hehe...
Too bad gota send me to college. Make my bro wake up so early.
Slept in the car =p

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ns ganggg

Had Ns gathering on saturday... =p
Or was it friday??? sad case haha for gotten.
lotta Unexpected ppl came too.
Had fun camwhoring. That's the best part!
Haha seeeing 2 DSLR moving around the table =P
Flashing here and there.... My 1st time holding one =p
So kewl! hehe...
Neway, gud to get in touch with all of them too hehe...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lolx.. too free ad nothing to do.. was disturbing jiajing that day after breakfast at Mcd on Wednesday...

My friend Fikri went for holidays during raya and got me a cubick from Ireland!
So kewl rite.. i kinda forgotten to check out the picture before my friend mess it up for me.
Had a hard time doing it coz it's pictures and the butt always gets upside-down.
When i finally got it done, one of the side looks like this. Look at the middle piece. Terbalik ad.
but i got it right after soooo long!
Wa really a challenging one.
Thanks Fikri! =)

Seee! no lies =)

Thats meee

Was pounding garlic to prepare to cook pungteh =)
Make my tears rolling down so badly went and wear googles lolx. =P
It's helps but i took it off half way.

Soup, vege, currychick, tomatopork and pungteh for lunch.
Then i din take my dinner after that, too full ad =)

I want it!!!
I want i want!
Saw my friend holding it. and fell in love.
For the 1st time i want a phone so badly.
and it's pink! =)
i want it! I wanna buy!
Any sponcer? =)