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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Dayy in S'pore

Chiak! morning Breakfast @ Hotel's Buffet =p
My bro's Mat Salleh's Breakfast hahaa..
IT's 8am in the morning!
Nothing more than Bread or Conflakes can fit in my tummy =0

AFter that, We went here >> ^ the bird park.
Last place to visit in S'pore =(

The lil penguins! they are sooo Fat and Healthy haha!
These two, Are like is few inch away from me!
I could even touch them!
But i didnt lolx.
I bet their skin feels like Dolphins =p
I have always wanna see a Dolphin up close.
I think they are Pretty =)

Yup, Dun 4get the pupets lolx or watever u call them.
pity the workers lolx its so hot and heavy! =p
But they do get lotsa pay when it comes to S'Pore =)
3K per month!

We sat on the Train around the whole park =)
Couldnt get nice shots tho, it was moving fast.
I miss my camera =(

Bird Show!
We went for 2 of them =)
in this show, they introduce birds like Owls, Hawk, Eagle and Vulture. 4goten 1 more. Turkey something lolx.
This one there, Flew over me and whacked his wings on my head. lolx
I was looking at another bird haha... Didnt notice it coming!

The 2nd show... Where they have like AS usual, Parrots, flamingos and all the bird singing and performing things...
like in A'famosa. if you have been there..

HAhah... I made him do that !
There where this Dark CAve thingy for the Owls.
They look so Scaryy! =(

FUn time! hahah.. REal foam! lolx So fun!
But we didnt bring xtra clothes so all i did was look... =(


Bro calls it *fish ball bird*

Mini Peacock!
This is how it looks when they dont stay still!
ishh hahah

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2nd day @ S'poreee

The most Tiring Dayyy!!

For a phone Camera, I think this is a good shot =)
yay me!
We didnt go for this tho, Gota pay xtra.
Just looked =p

Mom made me tie my hair up lolx.
AS usual, Too messy!

Trying to Climb up the Mountain lol

I said *hit it* and he heard *eat it*
Lolx Marcus and his food! lolx.

Look at the pix below...
The orange guy >>v

The yellow guy >>v

Thats my dress =p

Universal Studio

It's like in HK's Disneyland =p

The buildings are like in the Spiderman movie haha.

The biggest Roller Coaster..
But its not open yet!
I think this is crazy!

The mummy!
The best Ride! haha its crazy!
It stops all of a sudden,
It goes backwards all of a sudden and It gives you that 90 Degrees of falling down.
Makes you feel like your insides are floating up!
MY butt wasnt even on the seat! lolx

Far Far Away
In the movies of Sherk =p

The queen

1 of the rides! haha
So pura-pura la this schedule

They had shows in betweet too =p
The Candy gurls!

Only Carousal is open 4 Madagaskar...
Others are still under Construction =p

Jurrasic Park!
We ride on the boat! scared by dinos
and my shoe where all Soaked!!!
lolx... Water dripping when i sqeeze my socks =p
But it was fun!

Some olden days punya Nyamuk haha
so biggG!

The most Beautiful and Crowded Area...
The Orchad Road =p

You can go under the Xmas tree! haha
look closely, those black dots, they are people rushing in lolx.
I was in the bus so the shots are quite blur! sry!

The streets are saperated into 3 tho.
1st row's deco was all blue, then pink and the last is purple.
The Tourist guide said that the owner of the shops there decorates each year to get $$ from the Government.
IT is said that only 1 shop that has the most votes will get $$ ...
Not bad huh! =p
but the electrik bill is gona cost ALOt


That's the hotel i Stayed =p
Bed was super comfortable haha.
The head pillow was so soft, i couldnt even feel my head lolx. it makes me feel like floating.
Maybe coz im too tired lolx.

Oh yeah, i went shopping too!
Went Vivo City But was just too tired to walk haha