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Monday, June 4, 2012

Melacca 2/06/2012 - 3/06/2012

What nice windy day to fly kite.

Me and lil bro, we wore matching Mario shirt =)
Mine is pink. His is white tho you cant see it here...

We went to the beach side in Melacca. Think its called Klebang. (Where they have the Submarine)

We got there just an hour before sunset =)

Thats my bro and his beetle.Its his first time flying a kite.
Was so so excited =) Happy for him
The beetle Its flat at the sides which makes it smoother to fly. 
 Compared to my butterfly which have wave sides catches the wind too much =(

Just along the same beach.
(Dataran 1 Malaysia, Klebang)

It's a decommissioned Royal Malaysian Navy submarine.
(French-made Agosta 70 class)

Me and Bro having fun taking over the submarine =)

What the wind did to my hair ...


Went to Jongker Walk at night. 

Fried raddish in soy sauce.
Tast awesome with chilli sauce.

My bro's MUST-HAVE swirly potato with sauce of your choice.
(tomyam, chilli, curry, bbq, mustard, pepper, mayonnaise, wasabi...)


Went around Melacca the next day.

Hot and sunny as usual

Had ice cream that day. Dripped some on my shirt (covered by the fan)

Went to a Restaurant to chill and get some drink.

Below are pictures of the backyard. Complete with a little pond and ducks.

Then i went for an express manicure! =)
RM10 along Jongker Street.

Thats all folks

Monday, May 28, 2012

2 days 1 night in Genting Highland 26-27/05/2012

It's school holidays!!! 
Too bad im not in school anymore... 
My whole family and I went over to Genting Highlands over the weekend.

but the thing i hate about traveling the most is ...


Whenever i travel, i wanna bring all my new clothes and the ones that i rarely wear.
So ill be digging my closet and climbing high and low looking tru all my box (i keep clothes that i dont usualy wear in boxes on top of my closet)
The worst part is there are TOO many clothes i wanna bring and its only for 2 days 1 night in genting.

I found a top that i wanna wear to Genting but i cant find a bottom to match it with.

All of a sudden, i got an idea! =)
i'll make it ALL leopardy =p

Except my make up of course =)
tho i love to try it on but i doubt it'll look good on me.

My 1st set of the day =)

i wanna sleep in the car otw there so i decided to put on my glasses instead of contact lens.

We dropped by halfway up the mountain.
The weather is great! not too cold not too warm.
Just nice. didnt need to wear a jacket, didnt need to sweat either.
For the first time in my 21years of life, i picked my own strawberries =)

theres so many of em! big and tasty. i heard you should pick those that are dark red =)

Their vegetables are very very green and fresh! =)

Thats how they water the plants. lil pipes bringing the water down passing by every root.

Oh and i broke my leopard slipper ='( forgotten to take a pic of it.

So i had to buy this =( cost me RM14 !!!!

My 2nd set of the day =)

Wanted to go shopping but half of the indoor theme park turned into casino ='(
No more Esprit.

I didnt shop much that day, went to the arcade with my lil brother =)
He is always playing Animal Kaiser.
Its a card game where you join animal card with strong and miracle card to fight with each other.

Slot them in the machine =)

This is the very 1st version of Animal Kaiser we played =p
Where the Lion is the King ^^

2nd round. 

 the NEW one! =)
Its wasnt there yet at that time but it is now =)

My 3rd set of the day =)

leopard tights! =)

My lil brother love the roti pisang there ( Lobby Cafe)
its very big and filling.

u can eat it this way...

or this way... hahah =)

The Yellow river bun is AWESOME!

After that i went shopping =)
Went to look for heels. Sometimes, i wish im taller ... 
I'll look even nicer with that long and lean legs along with heels.

I bought crop tops
RM30 each from Cotton On =p
look so nice.

Didnt do much in Genting, half of the time was just walking around, eating and shopping =p
But its good to be there with my family. Spend more quality time.

~home sweet home~

with all my beloved pillows =)