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Thursday, July 30, 2009

another day

OMG! What's that?? ring worm? Love bite?
Lolx.. no idea. Think i hit somewhere.
Didnt even notice till mom saw it while playing UNO spin with my bro.Rub rub Rub... polishing my piano =)

Any difference?? =)
Hard work...
It's requires lotta rubbing...
But happy with the result =p

Pussie having breakfast with me on MC presentation morning.
Mc presentation sux like shit.
we did it all at the very last minute. =='
Went in late coz was rushing all the tables and so on.
Teacher didnt like it.
We made to class delayed for 10min coz of our graoup.
Lunchy in Kimchee panmee. Ate the curry rice.
Not really my taste. =<
"Tersaw" Avril & Deryck in Chleo magazine.
Friend brought it to class to search for HC presentation.
I took it to read coz IT class was really boring.
Lolx.. Kok Han kena pulak =)
Was so hungry... me and my friends went and bought Toriyaki something lolx...
Giantpanda bought in pyramid's Jusco.
So expensive! Sayang it so much now =)
Driving is kinda tiring...
It's not really fun driving under the hot sun. Soon you'll see the diff color tone between my left and right hand.
I'm getting used to it now. Grabing every chance to improve my driving.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Nice! jiajing's.. .Too small for her haiz... too small for me too.
She bought it coz it's nice hhehe
heheh... Suang's.
Inti Gurl! =)
Kena halau... they say it's for visitors only.... =='
OHH shit!!! My finals!

Brought bro to the park... Met some new friends there...
While playing with his new bubble gun.

Peijie get her hair cut too! See how big influence i am! =)

Cookie monster eating Mamee Monster =) hhaha so manja.
Lying down on my lap.
Ahhah ... better be babee.
Chleo magazine.... Friend brought for humancom assigment.
Yay! finally! =)

Went Sushing king for lunch and ordered some kodomo set =)
Lolx.. bro said kodomo lion hehehe.
It's super filling.
It has everything mixed in it...
Fish, Vege, prawn, Sotong and ....
Nice and it's only 13++
WAs super hungry... drove back from College today.

I'm so so tired....
MPW exam sux. Haiz... Ms. Lalitha absent today... So our extra class is postphoned.
Just hope that she dun cramp 4 hours in a row for us.
I'll get super sick... lolx.
Finished English test earlier and started to study for MPW.
There was a new lecturer as replacement.
She made us loo klike we are some primary school kids =='
She was like screaming and shouting in class... Haiz...
MPw was in old building.. .which sux too.
Lecture hall was used for some senimars.
Everyone coppied answers...
Lolx... I tried my best! but just managed to remember a few... Hope i'll pass.
Really gota study hard for finals.
So stressed up now....
So many things so lil time.
College is just so so rushing....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Part of pix during our visit to TV3 last week....

Ala... take pix without me... tak sempat run there they take ad =='

Then i pose ad but tidak dipeduli...
Syok sendiri ... lolx...
Neway, the second pix look like i poop on the floor lolx..
Desperately wana be in the pix only lolx...
Even after kena reject...
Was super hot that day!!!
Lucky wore light pink.
Princess Gisselle.. .where's Edward!?? huhuhu... waited so long..
Spot my fat-ass =)
Behold... the new and improved Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra =)
A picture have got many meanings... =>
TAke a look at Christy... Hitting Miang punye Ika...
Ivan enjoying his view of Zhiwei's ass after the "Twisters scene lolx."
ChiuYien... looks like she just wants to be in the pix... Hold me tight !!!
Lady SuangSuang... lolx.. hearing Gaga's lovegame and tot of ur nickname haha...
She was sick and needed to sit down... Helpped to hide my fat legs too. =)
Lizhi lolx... the active one... Tickelling the back of my legs... ARGHHH! lolx
And Siumun... Thinking of ways to rule the world and take over my place.. .lolx
Nola.. cant think of anything to say... =>
Super Cleomanda! =)
Told ya! the new and improved hhee
Everyone was like talking bout how to pose for the next shot while waiting for the Pr to come and show us around.
I kinda jumped up there for fun.... and TADA...
Can you spot mine??
Lucky no7 clockwise from the one and only sandals-- Lizhi's =)
The tall gurl...
It's my pretty shoe... Lolx 1st time wearing sports shoe for ccollege =)
Must be more Avrilish... Sneakers
Never miss this-friendship star
That's the place where they read the duno wat news lolx.
My bad... If you realize the background during their news time. YOu'll noe.
Pretty TV3 News reader. She came 15min earlier to prepare herself and we made her take pix =)
Berita Terkini! lolx.. i wasnt even suppose to pose like that hahah

Place where they have talk shows shots.Nice background... =) Same place, for talk show.
Mom! I'm on TV!!!

This is actually how it looks like... occupies just a small place.
Sempat take pix samore lol.

Group Pix!! see Ms Soo at right end...
She looked quite strict that day.
She said that we all made it looked like a vacation trip rather than a study trip..
Lolx... but we just cant help taking pix!
It was quite fun..
Seeing all the studios.
It's actually quite small. All the diff layouts of talk show cramped together in a studio.
The newsreaders were all with heavy make-ups. Wonder how they look like without it.
It was my 1st college trip. Quite satisfy and it's free!
Got to meet some dee-jays =)
and a few unknown newsreader hehehe....
Was a bit dissapointed at 1st....
seeing those lil rooms for the DJ... even smaller than my kitchen.
Tot it'll be like... bigger and more glamour.
Neway, i'm proud that i were there... =)
Who knows i'll work there.
Support me ya! guys...
More pix comming up!!!