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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LEA SALONGA @ Plenary Hall KLCC 23th May 2010

Lea!!! lolx... no idea who is she?? lol me either..
Guess wat??
She is the original singer for A WHOLE NEW WORLD in Aladin =) and also REFLECTION from Mulan =p and she has an adorable lil gurl!!! haha Nicole i think... so cute! she came tooo =p hehe... with two pig tails hehe. Got free passes again!!

The best shot from my 3.2 megapixel nokia phone hehe... not bad wert...

Found it! plenary hall! hehehe... neva noe where is it. =='

The entrance! my 1st look on Lea.

Dinner time! =) tea time i guess... its 7.30pm i think... went off to buy muffins! =)

Its an awesome highclaz theater man! all of the audience dressed up like awesome professionals.
Like some CEO and all. =)
and wat i wore? a Tee and a short skirt. lol believe me! i din noe it'll be like that haha..
i was half frozen then ! damn cold.
My camera wasnt really good as its 3.2 m and the spotlight was really bright. i took pix and its' like her with a patch of white spot as her face. sory!
but her vocals were awesome.
i can say that the sound sistem sounded sooo much better in a hall than open air!
she's sooo pretty hehe... =p wearing a simple 3 quarter sleeve maxi dress =)
her voice was flawless... awesome. its soo perfact! and most of her songs are acoustic... so its just her sweet voice and either the guitar and the piano.
oh and the pianist is her bro! =)
so kewl rite...
She sang her own albums, then a philipino song which made the philipino gang cheer aloud =p
and a few of the oldies by carpenters , mariah's old songs and all. =)
and her awesome duet with a guy...4gotten his name.. sang A whole new world and also Reflection. oh and a malay song... 3 malam 3 hari i think... OH and PAK LAH was there with his wife =p he requested the song actually for his late wife... i wasnt really happy bout it because it was for his 1st wife and his 2nd was there... i mean how would his 2nd wife feel? =( neway, she said she's a big fan of American Idol! ahaha.. she sang No boundries!
wasnt as good as Lambert but was good too... she mixed both allen and lambert stlye...
cant really see her so i recorded half of the song with just voice recording.

After that she had an autograph session! look at the crowd! haha...
She only signs of her merchendise.
a shirt 50bucks and her photo30 bucks... which i bought both of them ehhe... mom wanted the photo too so i bought =)

and then this... lady.. came along just when it was my turn!
mom say she's the Puteri gunung ledang girl. no idea...
hhahah... she came and Lea was like oo hiiii!
took pix, signed autograph.. and she left.
when Lea was signing for my mom, haha she asked her friend .. a mat salleh. " omg i dun even rmb her name, wats her nam again?" lol. c'mon, she dun even noe u! hahahah
so embarassed! haha.

and then yay! the shirt and the photo =) signed!
can really take photo.. too rush and the guards are really rude.. pushed the lady off.. how is that!
just say politely.!

haha... i tak puas... went back... haha atleast the side view is enuf! =) nice rite...
and then i went off to anw for dinner at 12 lol..
dinner at 12 man!
I had only 1 meal on sunday lol... coz its passed 12 ad...
awww thinking about it.. i'm kinda hungry now... =)
in claz.... suppose to be doing my research but cant help it =)
my bad!
oh vid to be uploaded soon.

1st half of
No boundries

Lea Salonga - Poker Face

Lea Salonga - Open arms

Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a leopard day! =p

Whole night in Bukit Bintang, KUALA LUMPUR

It was awesome! tho caught it jam for an hour! =)
listening to oldies haha... forgotten to bring our Cds haha.. but it was okie! Just abit boring and haha it makes me laugh!
thinking bout it..
"OHHH my love! my darling! i'm hunger hunger!!!~~~" haha
Reached there around 7 i think... perfect timing for food!!

Parked the car in Time Square =) cost us 5 bucks hehe.
oh well and guess wat? =p
We walked all around Bukit Bintang... went past Lot 10, Sungei wang and all ...
And found A&W! hehe ... Syg's fav but we went for the ship instead haha =)

had the awesome Russian Chicken + vodca heheh.
And Syg had the ewww... scallop thingy haha.. tasted like *gong yu zai* the yellow thingy the Chinese people used for soup. or is it called like that .. hhaa no idea..neway, it cost us like 50bucks i think.. did it?
but... but! haha we have room for more food to come!
haha! then we went on walking around, checking out the stuff the sell and oh yea! theres these people who works for tv 3 and tv7, they wanted us to smile and take a pix... support some 1 Malaysia thingy... haha and so we did! =)
awesome ritE!

then we went on to Starbucks =p
for more! I had Java chips and Syg omg! i just luv to see you eat =p had choco cake and hot choco. haha constipation after that.. haha nola jk jk=) or did u really had? haha
anyway, it was around 1130 when we left KL.
lucky theres was no jam. =p
i spent my money on food that day and thats all. pretty much satisfy me coz i went with YOU! yay! =p
awesome isnt it!
we shall do that again! but i was very sticky after that! so sweaty... i mean i wasnt really sweating just hmm... hot!=)

Oh and btw, syg said i wore the dress like i;m going to club or pubs.. do i?
i mean its just a normal dress tho without straps..

Oh and guess wat? haha i think i had this on my body lol...
leopard-skinned cellulite haha.. omg! awesome!
but i'm gona get rid of it neway! sry! no cellulites on me plz...

oh and erm.. bought a leopard rubberband from Daiso... japan shop in ioi mall the other day =p

I was watching The Craft with daddy just now on Astro =)
2nd time tho. its really nice!
about witches! go screen it!
alrite! gtg! claz tmr =='


Dance fair 15/05/10

Dance fair by Help college in Kuala Lumpur Dancers' Association, KLDA

I aint no dancer tho but i'm really really into Belly dancing but sadly theres no dance studio near my place. oh well.
I was invited there to set up a booth to help my cousin sell his beg... =)
Aint no typical beg... its Awesome+Specially Design+Colorful Laptop Begs!

The STAR newspaper even helped to promote them! business was doing very good in Wangsa Walk mall in Kuala Lumpur.Anyway, back to the event =)
It started late about 12 i think... the crowd was just pure Help coll students and of course the crews. =p
Theres a dj whining up dance songs and it totally moved my feet! haha God job MR dj =)There where performances from Purple Yogis =) some British kinda dance haha but they sang in Portuguese. Looks abit similar to our Malaysian Silat tho. but with special instrument.. dun rmb wat is it called but it was like a fishing rod lol.
They had workshop too =) and guess wat?! hehe Mr Dj asked me to join and so, i bit my lips and hope to not embarrass myself was really fun haha.. I learnt the defending moves, and the kicking and more.. oh and after that, i tried the instrument. the one like a fishing rod haha.. it was hard! and hurting ... the strings are abit hard hehe.. Neway, one of the dancers there asked to take a pix with me.. how awkward but i did anyway hehe...
Later on, they had the Salsa workshop by the MC himself haha.. learnt 7 years and was awesome!!
I join in too and partnered with the MAD 2 MAX president haha how lucky was i huh? hehe...
Anyway, i suck in it! haha..
The music was so so so fast! but i caught it towards the end and had fun being turned around the dance floor hehe..The guys where like shaking their ass ahha.. the MC said its sooo not manly lolx..
But the workshop was short.. wished they had longer.

Up next was the Belly dancers if i'm not mistaken, from Celebrity Fitness =)
five of them! they set the crowd, especially the guys go ROARRR haha..
they were HAWT! see! i wana learn but sadly, they did not do workshop.
The lead dancer came out with a butterfly outfit.. as in the wings. =) she flipped and flopped hhaha... so sexy! awesome! hehe... all the hip shaking made the crowd dizzy. =p
If only i can enrol without being a member of Celebrity Fitness.. i really cant afford it plus its abit pricey coz i doubt that i need so much exercises.
Any recommendation? Latin will do too hehe

And then theres the Hip hop dancers...
combining most of all the krumping... hehe i dun really fancy hiphop but yeah, all the -ings where combined and the performance was really good too =)the girls were filled with energy

And the guys where wow! haha especially the liquid thigy they did with their bod and arms (no idea wats that called, no offence hiphoppers hehe)

then its time for me to eat! haha.. =p
had MCD my boss belanja, my cousin actually hehe..
and then theres the Tribal Belly Dance ... their costumes and makeup were abit wired looks more like punk+emo+belly dancer's costume.
Their music where diff too.. its kinda cute and the movements are slow and gentle. U can really see their shoulders and hips move really slowly haha... kinda like wobbling all the way.

Bobby, on of the Hiphop competition judge came too!
He gave some hiphop workshop which i didnt chip in coz there were all the pros there learning more from him. Looking at them dance and thinking if i was there is like OMG! my legs wil go tangle up! haha... they where soooo awesome! haha they guys look so kewl~ looking at them moving their legs like nobody else's business haha.. awesome dancer.
Bobby is awesome!!!!He said something like Hip hop is how you feel the song, not just dancing the steps but at the same time to express urself.
So listen up Hiphoppers =)

Then the Tribal belly dance gave their workshop haha..
i wanted to go but was really shy !!
The guys went there too. the music was sooo funny watching especially the guys shaking their hips and lifting up their chest is sooo funny!
But it was at the same time sexy for the gurls =)
haha... i had fun laughing at then... but i learnt while sitting down tho.

OH and the hall was filled with mirrors! like a really dance studio! which was awesome!
just that the aircond is abita cold! hehe.

and then i had my eyeborws done in the booth beside mine called BELLO =)
awesome people haha chatted with them truout the event =p
now my eyebrows are neat and nice!
i learnt the tech to draw it nicely too =)
coz my eyebrows doesnt come with a nice end or so called tail haha ... so gotta be drew.

Alrite! thats about it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Awesome!! Nightmare on Elm Street night yesterday with whole bunch of bloggers =)
Free movie passes to Midvaley's *freezing* cinema on

I Wikipedia -ed the movie before going there lolx... coz everyone said its the scariest movie when it came out around 1988 i think. Even mom asked me to think twice watching the movie. haha =) i chicken-ed out at first but still went on with the plan and lucky me! haha
its awesome!
a bunch of tickets for me and friends plus my beloved brother =)

Went there around 7.30 to shop around.. din get anything tho... Broke =(
The line was really really long when i got there! the first thing i think of is if i could get good seats haha of course i dun wanna get so close to Freddy lol Freaky! =p
Turns out the crowd was lining up to grab tics from Era FM, The Star (oh btw, i cut out the column incase) and some Online purchasing thingy =)
and the Adverlets booth werent open yet.. oh my!
i panicked lolx... =p
oh well, i got 4th row from the screen! not bad tho haha thanks to Jason and Thong kai =)
Oh and then went to check out the bowlers.. Member day! but too late to bowl. guess wat? i spotted a
leopard chair lol ... not only 1 but 1 each row lol. awesome!

Was hmmm... it was as scary as i expected.
It's more towards UNINVITED than SAW =)
The difference is everytime Freddy pops out, awwwh! thats the best part of the whole movie lol.
seriously! Eventho u noe he's gona appear suddenly plus the background sound effects that adds the greatest amount of adrenaline on you.Its like Jaws u noe? haha when the jaw swims out haha can u imagine? no? then watch Elm street! =p
Neway, theres two guys siting behind me lol and everytime Freddy pops out, They will pop up too =) and u noe wat, i got scared by them more ahah.. its like Freddy is there omg!
it got annoying tho but oh well, wat to do. =)
the actors where really good, especially Quientin the panic look on the face was awesome.
and Nancy aww shes pretty! and Kris is omg! theres 1 part where she's sooo omg! discusting but shes an awesome blonde =p
the other guy, forgot his name, not Jesse, another guy! haha he's cute. Reminds me of Edward in Twilight how he finds Kris tru the window =)
The make-up for Freddy was like a Malaysian kuih, i duno wat is it called but its yellowish, around 5cm long, made outta egg and has like the fishnet kinda look. i ate it with Dhal the last time... wait leme google it later =p
The crowd was damn tention the whole time and u'll never never fall asleep in this movie.
it helps your blood circulation even better lol.. all the heart attacks the movie gave me lolx =p
oh and theres this part where we can only hear Kris's breathing while shes walking in an unknown place, the whole cinema was sooo quite for that few seconds lol and i think its not a few seconds, its like maybe 10 sec? haha and you can hear ppl around like laughing and theres ppl who screams: BOO! haha all waiting for that moment .. it was soo intense that time lol.
Haha its a moment to remember =p
Oh well, coulnt tell much, you guys gota watch it to experience it =)
The ending scared the shit outta me! haha good one Samuel Bayar

Special thanks to
Adverlets by giving me the opportunity to catch the premier of A Nightmare on Elm Street in MidValey 11/5/10

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day

I am so so so so freaking boring!!! =='
Omg! its crazy staying at home u noe... theres no nice movie / drama to catch! no awesome games to play online and no awesome places to be!
neway... i just came back from a mother's day celebration ytd. City revival church organize..
I have got pictures to post up but then my usb spoiled! =='
since the day i reformated my cpu! how sad is that!
now its all stuck in my phone lolx..
Oh well, Jacklyn Victor came! and some malaysian big instrumental band... 4got the name came.
and Patrick leong too! =p some puffy singer lolx. but he can do sing tho.
Jacklyn had a lil sore throat so it was all jazz night =p
she wore a circular printed sari with her short sparkly hair haha..
i think there were 200 ppl there i guess.

Kids from the boys home performed. oh my if only i could upload the pix!
haha they are sooo cute! especially the 4 year old!
They did break dance heheh totally won the crowd! =)
the food there was ok but the place smelled like dog! yea! dog! i noe! which then i lost my appetite =='

We sanf praises then ate and watch peformance... had lucky draws and my mom;s ticket got picked up! we got a nike watch, some greeny beads necklace and a beaded ribbon keychain. Our table too got a hamper =p and we gave the unfinished food and the hamper to the boy's home.. haha they were so glad =)
And then the mothers cut the cake. =p the eldest was 91 i think lol... beat that mothers!!

oh well that was it i think =p everyone was down truout the journey home but not me hahha...
over excited ad =)

I want an IphonE!!! and a DSLR not fair!!! my pix are not clear =(
oh yea! and i got invited to elm street's premier.. and guess wat?
my friends chickened out! lolx and i am thinking twice whether to watch it or not lolx ... =='

should i should i???

so yeah!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily duty

I drove around usj with my lil orange myvi today to look for houses to let. anyone knows any?
My aunt wanna rent a house nearby so she can visit us whenever =p
Drove marc tru and fro from claz and tuition. went lunch at Manday's =p my own restaurant.
Should be dropping off at Subway tmr for lunch lol . marc just luv the thursday special. chicken ham and chick sausages.

Called lotta agents =) and made appointment. some are nice, some are dirty! =(
But i like the one i nusj20 and 13 =p nice and affordable =) but most of them are for sale.
Aunt actually agreed on one of the house in usj14 but then the owner is so fassy and wanted to take off the build in kitchen cabinet and gave lotta rules! omg! its build in! just leave it there. you're renting not selling my gosh. this kidda owner.
the other lagi worst. said ok ad then the next day say she doesnt wanna rent. wanna shift back there ==' then the agent called again the day after and said the owner sold to another fella.. waT? lolx how these ppl work?

Came home and mousehunt as usual... went on FB. nothing much. so boring..
didnt have time to play games tho =(

Wanted to change my profile pix and went on to PS to edit it..
but it rained this evening.. thunder and lightning stroked my roof so i switched it off. x jadi.

Just finish ironing clothes btw... =) helped mummy! so many! and i am so scared that i'll make a hole outta someone's shirt lolx

Drank my beloved HL milk =)
grow baby GROW!!!

Gona expire on friday...gota buy more..

And now? i think i just finished blogging hehe.. think i'm gona go visit the toilet now. =p
Brush teeth la! =) wanna sleep ad ...
cant wait for IP man tmr ! weeeeee....

I wanna go ice skate too and lagoon...