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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thailand Day 6 (LAST DAY)

ALL i did was EAT .. EAT , EAT and EAT evenmore!

My breakfast! wuhooo!
Plus fresh milk and cornflakes. ^^
Super nice.
Sometimes its really hard to take rice/ noodles early in the morning.

Thailand Sprite! ^6
Taste the same tho.

Thailand actually has Curry Wan Tan Mee and it is AWESOME!
They put in fried peanuts too! tastes so awesome and crunchy ^^
Its around RM5 ^^

Mihun soup! the soup pun ada taste ^^

Guess what are these?!

Char siew pau, tao sa pau, curry puff...

Lin Yong pau, kaya pau, Meat pau. ^^ and its 10Bhat = RM 1 lolx

Oh almost 4got, this is their taxi ^^
Its called *Tut Tut* or *Put Put* haha

Fyi, Tut also means Transgenders.

And Of course the ultra AWESOME big, sweet and juicy corn!
Its crazy nice!
Cost RM 10 for 3 of this! its the same price as 3 pairs of earings! lolx

Sadly, we left Thai around 10am. got back around evening.
Another long rite =(
Our Thai tourist sang and danced for us before he left.
Feel like wanna cry lak ='( sobs...

Then everyone waved goodbye to each other.
Will miss the aunties. They are just soooo fun and loving ^^

p.s when you go to Thailand, pls eat the Rice, Pineapple( in thai = Sap Pat Lok), Corn and Bird nest.


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Thailand Day 5

Yes! this is the swimming pool of our Hotel.
Ours is 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet.
Thailand is 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet.
Crazy deep!
I didnt even dare to stand close to the pool.

I bought this pair of pants ^^ it cost me RM 15 . Will take more pix to upload later.
Bought lota things too ^^
Btw, this is my balcony.

we went off to checkout the .
Alota people there too!
The temples are so huge and pointy!

The crafts are so detailed!

This is the tallest temple in the whole place.

Lota them bought jaw sticks and went for their prayers.
I ended up admiring the carfts and shop and the roadside stores.

We went to watch the Snake Show.

So scary, i was seating really near to the stage lolx.
You can see it in this below picture.

One of the held on the snake's tail and swing it like a rope then he pretended like he let go of it when it swing to our side.
The girls screamed! lolx We tot he was gona throw it to us lolx crazy guy!

He kissed the snake! crazy guy! they say 7 inch below the snake's head is where it's heart is.
Grab it there and it will stay quite.

Then, we went to the jewellery shop and the factory.
You can see step by step. how they clean it, craft it heat it, melt it and shape it. ^^
Awesome experience there.

I went into the jewellery shop, it is like a huge Poh Kong you have. like a whole floor of jewels!
Everything was so bright and shinny i kept blinking my eyes.
They are super cheap there too!
Super duper cheap!
1 Sapphire ring there cost like 1k nie! lolx

Hahah but i didnt buy anything. didnt even try them on.
I still feel that im too young for all these ahha.. ^^
Don't really like it tho.

Pakai nnt kena curi lak...
But its so beautiful. I'll make it special, my one and only wedding ring. ^^

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Thailand Day 4

This is outside my hotel.

tadaa! so beautiful ^^ Btw, its at Patung Beach.
Lota Eurasian luv to spent all 3 months of their summer holidays here ^^

~ Went off to CORAL ISLAND ~

We went there by motorboat.
For the1st time in my life, i say a real motorboat! not the ones in the arcade!
So awesome! ^^
It goes really fast and when it hits the wave, it bounce up! FUN!

They have lotta stuff to do there, Underwater walking, parachuting pulled by the speed boat and diving.
Plus, you don't even need diving licenses !

Im afraid of heights, so i didnt do the parachuting.
My aunts and mom doesnt wanna go underwater. so i didnt go either.

The other girls went down for the underwater walking...
Regrated coz they couldnt see anything when they got down and the guy said that he cant help them take picture coz its very blurry. =='

He says coz the wind is too strong and it caused big waves that caused the sand to go all over the sea.
Should have told them b4 they went down. Money wasted.

Mom took this photo, i didnt noe ^^

I was standing really close to the sea water when the wave came, i stood still but when it got back to the ocean, i feel like im being pulled into the sea.

But it was really fun.
Lotta people there as well. tourists too ^^
China people.

One of the Thai even brought his dog ^^

This is our place ^^
We rest here.

Sat there to rest and watch the kids and girls play ^^
Fun! i put alotta sun block. so, hopefully, no sun tan!

Oh btw, i bought the necklace there too! cost RM20.

Then we went to the four-faced god temple.

Apparently they say 4 sides gota be prayed for, love, work, health and wealth.

It overlooks the ocean @ Patung beach.

Beautiful scenery. Can even hear the wave hitting the ends of the rocks.
Will upload the vid soon.

The god was surrounded by elephants. and the floor was made of tiles


Windmill! honestly, 1st time in my life seeing a real windmill. lolx
lolx jakun rite? haha

But theres always 1st times ^^

Beautiful rite?
I wanna build / buy / rent a house/resort that has this kinda view.

If you dont know, i lurve staring at raindrops and ripples.
I can do that for hours.
I even tried staring at the swimming pool (small ripples where the pipes blow out new cleaned water)
lolx.Weird attraction...

Then we went the Cheshire nut shop.

This is how an actual cheshire nut looks like ^^
It is actually a fruit. like apple. so 1 fruit has 1 cheshire nut.
Thats y cheshire nuts are so expensive...

I bought the Cashewy fruit juice too.
Tasted like wine. RM2 ^^
Kinda nice too!

Oh btw, theres an aunty from our tour wore Leopard tights!
Chunted right?! ragard mama!

She was talking to my mom when i took this ^^ so she didnt realize.

Then we had Shark fin soup for lunch.
lolx it tasted and looked more like tauge soup.
Lunch tasted bad.

Olden day's Thailand houses.
If u click on the picture or zoom it, you can actually see the small lil guards standing above the front gate.

Old houses along the way.
Thai kids! just finished school ^^
They even waved at us ...
of course i waved back ^^
Most of the boys shave their heads tho. ( from wat i see )

Thai's traffic police! ^^

At night, we went to the Simon Cabarate.

You pay RM 40 to take picture with them.

They danced and sang ^^

People go crazy when they see the girls (use to be guys) walk out.

This, is a REAL guy. His face is sooo smooth! lolx ^^
and his eyes are so dark and shinny! woot! really handsome.

Oh my fav Nichkhun is also a Thai guy. lolx Thai Prince ^^

Then me and a few girls and the Thai tourist went for supper.
Go makan makan nearby our hotel.

They have rows of BARS!

The usual, lota boys and girls ^^

We only passed by it ^^
Then went to the food court to makan.
Fried rice and Noodles.
Super nice!

The Taipan Club! hahah... ^^
So different from Subang's Taipan huh?

2 more days to go...

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