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Thursday, April 29, 2010

EMO =='

You know wat?
F*** it !

I seriously dun feel like going out anymore. Its like going for a war each time u noe.
Here i am hanging out at college for a potluck just now. eating and chatting. i went there to meet new friends ya know. i always get the saying:" Your friends cant get along with u la." "Your attitude lidat thats why u got no friends" Like wth! i have lotta friends ok! u noe wat i mean?! So i grab every chance i can get to go out with my friends to beat that saying! and guess wat??
A million phone calls in one second. how am i suppose to re-comfirm with my friends who else is going if u cant put down the phone! omg! i'm having a party here with 1 bunch of friends. neway not alot of them went but i just hang for the fun of getting to noe the juniors and the seniors. and Theres seriously lil time to meet them and i have to scream so loud and this stupid phone cant seem to work properly.
I was there watching a couple fight and the crowd was intense! and this happens? omg! very good timing! just the way i want it man!
And u ? u just cant seem to communicated with me! is there something wrong with me or wat?
I mean i love to hang out with my friends. all of them... they are good people! just some of them are smokers but guess wat? kids start smoking as young as 12 years old or even younger!
Its just the matter of ur will power. Do u think i dun have that?!
The only thing i'm weak is controlling my temper... and i was totally burning inside out!
My friends were all like staring at me and guess wat? they cared about so much u noe.
i can seee it from their eyes when they talk to me...

so screw it! i might regret after saying this but whether or not.... its how i feel now.
I came home. rejecting any invitation so theres no war.
removed my make-up and took out my outfit to bath.
now i'm sneezing i have no idea why.
i think i'm gona play a lil of piano with paramore-Adore.

Amanda signing out

Monday, April 26, 2010



I got a discounted ticket to Kelly Clarkson live at bukti jalil last sunday.. Weee!
Oh btw, whoever that wants tickets can ask from me hehe... coz my uncle can got discounted ones =p

BROUGHT TO U BY HOTLINK =Pneway! i got there around 7.30pm coz the tickets have got seats numbers hehe...
the crowd where awesome! Theres a bunch of Mat salleh sitting behind me =) lolx and they are reallly pretty! Jacklyn Victor sang for the opening... some malay song... some where familiar some i've never heard before but it really warmed up the crowd tho =)
then Suki came... the one in a million winner.. omg! she had became so pretty! she use to be quite fleshy lolx.. she came with some big red gown lolx like for weddings... i din think its suitable tho. i mean just wear a normal dress that we use to go for proms and wedding dinners its ok.
She started off with playing violin... and the Mat Salleh behind me where talking.
Mat salleh 1: she's a beginner isnt she?
Mat Salleh 2:Like Yea! look at her? ahhhahah
i'm guessing the Matsalleh 2 is a violinist tho =p neway, there where some amp prob for the violin. She was soo close to being Booo off the stage... lolx but she sang some malay song. =) sweet voice tho.This is the part where we came whore before KELLY arrives =)
Concert cant be complete without this!! haha LIGHT SABER heheh

And then 2 white vans came. 1 with a tinted class... and we noe then that its KELLY!!!
wooooo it was around 9pm when she come up on stage! haha
Everyone was screaming like crazy then! hahaa! includin me! =p
She came on casual clothing and took off her sandals so truout half of the concert she was barefoot haha..
she said:" I enjoy sweating to death" haha
and she said:" I have no idea why i wore my makeup today"
then she tied up her hair and went for the big fan by the stage haha...
i can see that she's really sweating like alot! =)
despite that she's a bit big in size plus she wore tights and its full black, she maintain her vocals really well!The crowd was abit sad at first coz we cant stand up and jump coz the securities are there =(
the backup ssinger is hawt! haha... they both of the Bg looks like Kelly ahha.. tot its her sisters =)
then she sang Because of u.. she nearly cried! its a beautiful song!
she said:" this is a song i wrote when i was young"
she let the crowd sing along.
OMG imagine if everyone in the world knows your song and the lyrics.. must be realy nicE!
neway... it lasted bout 1 and a 1/2 hours ahah more than enuf to gimme sore throat..
her last song was MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT U
it made everyone jump and cheer!! =)it was awesome!!
oh and it was her birthday that day tooo turned 28yr =pthe fans at the back sang happy birthday but she was too busy talking she din hear.. haha too bad.
neway! the guitarist threw their picks off and Kelly just ran outta stage.. and u see the tinted van drives off and we waved haha. =)
awesome! it wasnt as sweaty as AAR but its still awesome!! haha
and it left me with muscleache lolx
k! TOKIO HOTEL is comming up next! anyone wants to comE!?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Suppose to study for DIE Digital Image Editing.. lolx but end up Justin-fying =)

Birthday key chain! tinkle bell! i luv her! =)

Cocokrunch for lunch!? haha.. oh and i leopardized my mp3

Lil cousin came all the way from Ipoh =) some perak sultan's birthday last monday.
haha crashed my room and all my soft toys lolx..
mom tied her hair and i did mine... haha the photo session was really funny. coz all the pix make me look extra tend. haha coz she's so fair!!! not fair!!

I went to Summit and saw this! omg! i want i wanT!!! =) but its 30 bucks =(

Lol me and my bro and lil cousin Nick did all this haha... i did the starfish, the lil guppy and the mermaid lolx.. and i am suppose to be studying for marketinghhaha... oh well!
i'm gona go for dinner now! its 7.45=)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

RAinnyyy dayyy

Beautiful rainbow! =p Anyone knows where the rainbow ends?? is there even an ending for it?
hmm... the beauty after the rain =) the reflection of the colors... is so beautiful. I just hope the earth will stay beautiful too =p

Lolx... rearranging my closet! so messy! kept me sneezing the whole day ==' allergic to dust... more like allergic to dead skins lolx... knowing that dust is actually our dead skin, its kinda discusting haha... dead skinds floating around! ewww... haha
closet no space! =(

Colorful? you have to sometimes =) it helps to brighten up your day. More like always seeing the black and greys of Amanda... (ps, my nails are always the tones of greys) Neway! =) being in bright colors brings me to a better mood hehe... must try!
oh and Justin Bieber made my day =) he's just soo cute! he's like the next Zac Efron!

In support of pandas lolx.. AWwww! so cute! =p and guess wat? Amanda rhymes with panda hehe..
perasan pulak!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LAte postingg hehe

I think this pix was taken on my birthday =p 240310 at chillis =p
as u can see! haha the corn is so damn big!! lolx...
Din even get to finish it. its my 1st time to chillis neway. nice fud but too much for me.
hmm... have been stoning at home for dayzzz... =( nothing much for me to do.
Gonna hand in my last assignment today and off to study for finals... which is kinda boring =(
I finally finished my last antibiotic! muahaha... slept like pig ytd night.
woke up for mcd this morning. hoping to grab the pancakes but its outta stock =(
got the sausage mcmuffin instead haiz... but neva finish.. its so yucky! and had milo and hasbrown! i luv hashbrown!! hehe....
Then decided to skip claz ... played rockfree! haha yay! finally lvled up by playing both paramore and avril hehe..
Wat a nice game =) its really awesome when i'm so super bored hehe..
Suppose to go out today.. i mean i wanted to go out today.. but everyone seems so busy for me.
haiz... just cant wait till finals finishes hhaha... i wanna go out!!!
I'm hoping to go the beach but its just so dangerous... =(
all the tsunami and earthquackes... every night i pray for our safety u noe... =(
Hoping nothing bad will happen. geezz.. 2012 comming in like 2 years...
Is it real? omg! i cant help but to think of how will i die..
ok ok gota stop thinking bout it.. so emo pulak haha...

i luv paramore! hehe... weeeeeeeee!
neways, i just leopardized my mp3 lolx. my bad. it doesnt really look that good but oh well. =p
cant upload here coz i have got some prob with my usb =(
haiz.. cant even go on msn.
Cant wait for my lappie! tho its 10inch and its an atom... but its free! haha and webcam ade!
thats the fun part! ahhaa.. i'll webcam everynight.. but with who? =( awww... prob!
neway, 10 inch is like half of the nomal lappie =( daddy say its free just ambik nie... =p
screw it la... as long as i can type and ps and its fine =)

i'm sooo sleepy now! everyone is rushing for the assignment and i'm thinking of a gud reason to go out everyday =( sad rite...
its just so boring staying at home... not that i dun like. just ... hmmm.. its just empty.
listening to clay aiken now... the way... its a beautiful song tho hehe... too bad he's gay.
damn sad rite.. he's so cute and he's gay =(
ahaha duwanna talk bout ppl... but he can sing!!!
kla.. .gota go college now! nothing to blog about.. coz this week is sooo boring! =(
hope that this weekend will be alot better! =)
tc ppl!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mc.. my dear

I'm on MC today...
fever on the first day of finals =( came back from hanging out with friends on Friday and got lectured like shit till yesterday =='
I was called girl posses with evil. I was said that watever i do, i just wanna make my parents sad and angry everyday until they die. Nobody knew i had fever that night... i kept quite coz i din want them to think that i want their sympathy.
I just wanted to hang out with my friends. they are fun... what i did was to sit there and chat with milo ice... thats all. whats there to be so excited about? there are girls who tagged along. not just all guys and me tho. neway screw it... i just feel like i dun want to go out nemore...
That's one of the reason why i'm always staying at home.
But i really wanna go out! and have fun!!!! =(
thats the sad part when all your friends are fooling around and talking when your phone just cant stop ringing... guess they are just overreacting...
So guys! muahaha... i have an overprotecting parents. dun fool me around =)
Neway, i was really sad and angry that night. i had to go and leave all my friends having fun there. oh did i mention that they guys got scolded when daddy was asking for direction?
haha it was really drama that night.. the guys were all like having headache and the gurls just cant stop chatting lolx.. i was carefree until they came tho =)
coz i din wanna waste my time thinking of wat to say or wat reaction to have when i see my parents...
haha i was even ask to be a worker in the buddist tample! lolx.. too bad i'm not a buddhist haha..
Or jadi the sister in the church.. neva to get married =='
how sad is that?
neway.... i'm 90% cured now..
i had tonsil on my throat that is as big as ur knuckles lolx with white dots but i'm ok now...

1day off from college now... =)
tmr gota go college again ==' 1 more assignment and 4 more subject of finals to go.. yay!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All wordSs

I have been running up and down around my beloved Inti college.. =='
Sweat like nobody else's business! just set my ass on a chair in the reading room with someone else's laptop doing my assignment.
Ugh.... this few weeks had been hectic. coming back right after college just to find that i'm desperate for a nap. the next thing u noe, assignments have to be done when i'm awake.. =(
College life is just so rushing especially towards the end of d semester.
Oh btw, my finals is this saturday! yes! a saturday! sad rite? =( whats left is 5 subjects to be done and two more assignments =)
But u noe wat??? i love college coz i get to get outta house and to hangout with my friends.
U noe its not that it's really hard to stay home. it's just that theres' too much drama at home.
Going home is like adding more headaches! seriously, sometimes, i just dont feel like going home but at the same time i noe i should if not i'll miss my bed and my mummy! =p
i love my mummy! seriously... hehe...
She always dresses me up =)
And u noe wat? my friends says i never fail to look good or decent everyday! haha
Thanks to my mom who wakes up in the morning to iron my clothes just coz she thinks i should wear it that day =)
I'm wearing a white spaghitti top... still duno how to spell it.. speghetti*? lol
with a brown jacket and a pink skirt, =p mom sew it for me coz it;s too loose.
Oh yea, i bought a sling beg... and mummy say it looked old. =( but i like it so much!
see! sometimes, mom say my taste are too mature and sometimes too cinaapek...
but luckly, never lala =p

It's raining outside... most of my friends went off ad and i'm here. supposingly doing my marketing assignment when i realize i have not been blogging for quite awhile.
Gosh, i'm glad i stayed in college if not i'll be super wet while walking back from ac ==' wise choice huh?
Oh! its almost time for me to go home! lemme retouch* my make up =p haha...
ok done ehhe...
its 5 minutes to 5pm... which is the time i should be home. waiting for mummy to call then i'll walk out.
Waiting for a friend to collect his lappie i'm using now... seems like he doesnt care bout it.
so it's mine! muahahha! =p

Ohyea! i'm gona get my insurans in like july... daddy say i can use it for my lappie but u noe wat?
Streamyx has got this promotion. free lappie! but bigbro say atom processor is not good. is it? i have got no idea.. as long as its free! i want it! getting it in like 14days =) yay! got webcam samore! yay! then i'll have some privacy.. can do my work on my bad.
just hope mummy wun drama so much about me being in the room for so many hours a day...
neway! it's just a 10inch lapppie. so no room for gamming.. which i dun neway =p just cs but no gang no fun dowh...

alrite alrite! blogging done for today! to be continue! actually theres so much to tell! so lil time...
Chao ppl!