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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Lolx.. almost everyone around me getting tatoos ad...
See! nice? haha it's not me!
From the internet la.
Just because it's leopard filling and it's a heart shape. i like it =)
Moral claz last week...
Paramore memang rockxxx

Neva play on the stairs...
See wat happened!
My left ankle terseliur ad =( damn pain. cant even sleep properly.
Just like in NS but that was my right ankle. now my right feet's vein is remains bengkak but no pain anymore.
That was the stupid me running down at night to see the snake when everyone is running away from it lolx.
but it lasted like 3 days then no pain ... went swimming samore ! =)
This time? not sure...
busy with assignments already... haiz.. kla, wanna go do my work =p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

HK babee 2

Ohya.. almost left out the awesome part about HK =)
They have this Wii =) and comp in the lobby ahha.. only me and my cousins noe about it.
We used tummyache as an excuse to go down. coz there's only 1 toilet in out hotel.
hhhehe.. but lame games they have there.. atleast something =p
My 1st time playing this kinda thing hehe.

Ohyea, and Newmoon rite... we were the 1st badge to watch movie in cinema number3 coz they just finish renovating it hahha. Did i tell u bout the kissing part? haha it's not sencored! yes! Edward is so so hot =p

Met my longlost bestfriend =p
Gave some soveneir from HK haha... guess wat...
Crocks Rocks!
Had a lil chat. biasalah long time din see wert. get some updates then chao ad.
Dun have to say so many thanks next time =)
Just a small thing.
Went lunch at sake... buffet there. =)
Suppose to teman friend to watch Avatar but lazy ahhh. went and meet Sarene hehe...
hangout and watch some mandarin show from taiwan. they teach u how they make that awesome leopard eyes on the awesome models hehe. =p
damn alot rite! we ate like nobody else's business hehe..
And then mamak! haha ter-drip the dhal lolx.
Got style man! =)
Was so busy with *spring* cleaning lolx.. winter cleaning adelah haha.
lazy to eat so had supper! ahah saje wanna meet cheh.. nola
Really not hungry for dinner that time too early =p

haha.. mom go wash all the soft toy. Bro wanna hang dry there too lolx.Gonna have to bath my babies soon too ahah..Hard work today. rearange all my stuff. damn dusty my gosh.. me and my sneezing haiz...haha.. even i sweep floor also snezze ad.

Kla... wanna tidur ad.. tmr claz at 11-4 haiz.. finally lect start lecturing ad =p If not waste my time and money... 60bucks per day u noe! my gosh lolx.. makan duit. Hope i wun have any bad lucks in failing any paper. alrite.. head's heavy woke up like 7am today work all the way till like after dinner.


Monday, January 4, 2010

1st DAy of Coll

~Last movie of the year and yet the best~
A friend asked me why did i change my profile name and dp... guess wat? i said lolx.. saje.. to impress Avatar fans =p
hehhe... like u! i noe u like the show =)
1st day at college is not really bad. atleast i noe all my classmates. not like some strangers there. neway, i'm freezing now and stuck in this room filled with uncontrolable air-cond =='
Gona home at =p
2nd day of class? less than of us came... haiz. damn sad rite! and it's llike only 1 class.
2hours here doing nothing. sad la...
me and my gang all diff classes coz i enroled late and it's like full and i got a prob with moral class and all ... i'm still not enroled yet! oh well, will think about it tmr. now is time to go home! =)
The answer is YES! I DO!
So! marry me now quick!!

HK babee

~HongKong trip 18-30th December~
We stayed at Eaton hotel at Jordan =)
Reached there around like 10pm that night...
nothing much that day. so dizzy after the flight so slept straight.

Went ocean park the next day. it's like totally on top of the hill!
Damn nice the place. but the escolator damn steep =( i'm not a good friend with heights.
neway, went all the rides!
enjoyed myself so much.
Dolphin show too! with the help of the seal! damn nice =)

Went to the beach the next day... Shek Oh
something lidat haha.
got some cosplay felles come. took a few shots there. no idea for wat purpose.
a pair of lovers came too hehe... dress in a wedding gown and all.
I had fun looking at them posing =)
The sand is like damn damn soft!
WE build sandcastle. had fun!
It's like my 1st beach! =) nice...
I wanan get married by the beach too!

then to the disneyland.
too many things there to tell lolx..
Lotta shows! and parade too!
Damn nice. but no rides there...
Bought lotta stuff there tho... =)
Haha.. must go again!
The fireworks and the decos damn nice.
Ate the one and only smelly tofu shop here at hk =)
from far also can smell it ad.. haha.
But i memang tak suke tofu. but just for experience.
And i tell u wat... i feel like puknig after that!
Ate intestine and all.. blek.. haha but try only la.
Korean bbq the next day =)
Xmas eve... went shopping.
spent damn lotta money!!!
luv it there! damn cheap!
Lotta stuff there.. so much more than here.. trendy and on fashion.
Not like in malaysia. where u dun see ppl with heavy boots and fury top and short skirt all.
colorful tights and all walking around.
HK's dimsum! all time porpular =)
ate there... marcus puked haha..
He's not too friendly with the cinapeks haha.
I ate a lil only. dun like it too. smelly la.
Shopping at Jusco =)

aunty's work.. outa paint and clay and oven!
Damn nice ! =)
So creative haha...
her house is small but it's like damn cute and cozy!
I want a house like that too!

Went to madame tussand sth lidat lol..
A wax house =) at the peak.. i mean the top of the hill.
DAmn nice . gota sit on a train to go up there. and it's like damn steep!
I hate it!!!
Had buffet at some hotel .. all the seafood.
Damn nice.
Damn full that day!
haha... they have all the seafood and guess wat?! we have vouchers for it. so it's free!
Muahahhaha..... Newmoon in HK =)
Edward extra hot there !
luv u!!! =)
Ohyea! Malaysia cut lota ksising scene! =(
Edward kissed bella when she ask for it on her but not on the Malaysia' screen.
Shopping again! double decker bus the whole time.
THe transport here damn good!
U will neve get lost haha..
Sure got rides home =)

look at the begs! went there with 2 begs came back with extras lolx.
bought so much!
reached home like 7pm. unpack and pack all the prezzies till like 11pm ad.
currently sitting in INti college's comp lab with a friend. jiajing... me and my gang all diff class ad.
Neway, a goood start with more friends.
If not i'll just change back with my gang =)
alrite... wanna makan my lunch. it's like 4.35 now =p