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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Serene's homee

Will this girl's hairstyle suit me? hmm..
New shampoo and condition

Visit the babies.! all grown up! cute =>
The baby's toy.. aiyoyo Laytheng =)
Yeehaaa! cowgirl... who wana be my horsey? haha
Oh noo my Big head!!!
luv this one
Elvis presley-The king of rock and roll
Marilyn Monroe-the sex icon

Michel Jackson- The king of pop

wuu Eyes! lolx
An Eye
Lolx... suang! wat happend
Wuuu tricky
Pretty asses
Taking pix in Sarene's house with Laytheng's pinky lappy.
Had fun laughing till almost peed in the pants lolx.
Sarene's appt. hehe.
Electricity gone. Wanted to go pyramid. Skip class. But then when we wear our heels and opens the door, it came back.
So me and suang and laythen decided to go back.
SArene bought bikini! nice! =)
I want one too! but dun have the nice figure huhu =< thursday ="">
Shorty haiz... why!? i'm wearing heels samore. soB
Suangsuang jiejie =) Laytheng meimei
Awww... BFF =>

Lolx.. mirror queens.. more like toilet queenZ haha

Monday, June 29, 2009

aww man! nasi lemak!!

Stupid steam iron... nearly killed me! I was helping my mom ironing clothes in the kitchen. THis iron was bought during the visit to the midvalley's exhibition guide. It suddenly made a lound "pop" sound. There were sparks on it too. Scared me, i was holding it. Lucky nothing happened. The side turned black as you can se in the pix. Mom quickly turn off the switch. It's made in Japan and it can also used for facials. Haizzz cheap stuff are not always a good thing.

Rm103.?? 2 Chick chops, 2 fish and chips and 1 roasted hlf chicken plus sprit and coffee.

Wish to visit Paris one day!

Cover page of the menu... Wondering wat it says.

Lolx... Vege more than the poultry. How to eat! =) Mom took Lil bro's vege.

Come to me babe! muahahaha

Yes!!! popo! FAv forever!

If not i'll be forver this nerdy... lolx. woke up late. end up looking like this.

Left or right suits me??? c'mon! help me out!

Cute lil airasia pendrive of my friend's. =) nice

Cantata? Wat about cacatan....

The sambal is sour and look at it. Just a tiny dot there. Speechless

Erm... Jsut this and some tasteless barley ice that cost my friend 3.90. Wat the! it's like me making toast with a Gardenia with some cheaplak butter and kaya.

Nasi Lemak with a piece of hair!!! Made him take it back and changed a new plate of nasi lemak for me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home finderr

Bro =) Parking lot in Mid Valley

Cousin bro a.k.a the boss of home finder =)

3rd anniversary.. =) Home finder magazine. At midvalley exhibition.

Lolx.. funny =) Namely known as "Scarecrow" lolx.

8 days... heheh hair treatment.. so bored =) ended up taking pix.
Bought Seah hair spa and consitional

Bro during dinner =) Wolverine

Was passing buy a shop that day... Saw something mom would love to have. so i bought 4 pendent for her... =) Its so cheap! So that she can wear with her baba kebaya =) Guess wat!? she love it! Wants me to buy for all her sister. I was so happy.. now she wears it everyday =) I bought a few more for my aunts. There were one of the booths there during the english day =)

Happy Family =) Finally together... no! i mean finally one big pix with all of them => nice