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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March shopping spree

What i bought in the month of March? ^^
Here's some of it!
(fyi, i did not buy all of these in a day! lol)

I went to the 2013 International Shoe Festival. took the ktm to Putra station and walked there.
Fuuh! sweating the whole time! and there were alot of ppl in the pwtc hall. Super packed
I bought pairs of flats i bought from Jokebox. RM29.90 each.
Super pretty! I'm a fan of lace and sequins!

(Again: sorry don't really have time to go in detail. so ill just do a caption below each photo. Sorry for d crazy typos!)

Got tired and most of them doesn't have my size so i went off to The Mall.

Bought this for 70% off! It was 39.90 as well!

Replaced my socks. Most of them are worned out.
Bought wedges for RM20 bucks sadly i only wore it 4 times before the heel came off.

Yay! biggy bag! 35bucks ^^

Yes im a fan of chokers too!

and yes! a fan of hairbands! lol goodness im a fan of so many things!


Bought all these online. I don't think they need captions. but they are all about RM18-RM35.

I'm a big fan of skater skirts! <3 p="">

and a fan of leopard prints! <3 pink="" td="" ties="" with="">

and lace!  oh wait. i said i love lace previously. lol
This is a pant dress. Sry camera over exposure.

and dusty.

Proof ! I do love laces!

Got my first wooled top. pink and white! comfy.

ok. i don't need to repeat myself rite.

Peace! i feel 10years younger lol.

Last but not least! this! Red is my current fav color.
 Sorry bought to hair! was gona go bathe hehe ^^

That's all peeps! will do a summary again for April =)
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