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Saturday, August 21, 2010

♥ HeartZ ♥

Valentine's day

Lautner Taylor Swift

Aww.. come on! Taylors ! Time to Fall in love again! I totally support you Guys!
Luv u both! LOADS

@officialTL @taylorswift13 @withLove_Amanda

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner @ the Shippy

Went to the ship for DINNER =)
and ON THE WAY there....
my lil brother at the back seat!
feeling bored!

And mom and Dad ! =)

For dessert! =) Double scope - in diff cup haha....


Went Subang Parade =) FOS...

Oh the other day i bought purple too! =p and the belt!
In the fitting room@nichii =p but didnt buy anything tho.


Oh and i bought the purple skirt @ summit, no idea wats the shop's name.

Met my NS friends for nandos and Salt!
Angelina Jolie is just soooo pretty HAWT chick mama!

Lol! nope i did not buy this! =) But it looks nice haha.. i totally agree with this ! haha its like a dan page and all the comments are in this book ...

White pleated everywhere!!! =) @sarene

20bucks! haha friend bought it online and she couldnt fit it! good for me =)

No idea wat color is this! i have got none in my closet haha so yea! @nicole

Casual / Formal knee lenght skirt =p @ arrows

2 in 1 hhehe.. luv this! @nichii

PLain white Tee =) yeah! finally got 1 that fits =p

Normal pleated skirt. goes with lotta my tops tho hehe @nicole

hmm... mom bought this ... @korean shop

Jackets! for Formal, double zips, Somehow being called rokstar for the black & gold =p personally luv that. @Nicole & some korean shop.

Woot! leopard bag! LUV it! my own CASH man! =) @sense

Lil grey vest with full laced behind. @ some korean shop

Lil peach vest with lil small laces =) @some korean shop