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Friday, November 26, 2010

THe biggy Boss's grand opening

THe grand opening of HOME FINDER at Mont' Kiara =)
My cousin's the Big boss there hee...

We 1st went to their house in the morning... WAtched the AMA awards hhaha..
Guess wat??!! IT's Justin on screeen!
Winning 4 awards! haha the biggest winner there!

Look! he's thanking me!
Thanks to my family, friends and my FANS! weeee

fReggin' cute!

Aunty Lena drove us there! with her Estima =) lolx.. WE got so bored...
STarted eating.. MArcus's idea lolx..

Some rice cracker... Marc's fav.. but i still lurve the wang wang brand =p

This is with the seaweed tho.. dun reallly like it =)
haha Avatar!
This is Crackatar hahaha

WE were outta crackers! and went to the sweets =)
We just couldnt stop eating!

The big entrance =p
OTher photos and with my aunt tho..

Oh and my aunty Doreen from HK came back too .. haha
She brought back loads of cute panties for me!
haha oh all things! she said its on sale =p
and a bikini too! and 2 sports bra =p can jadi my swinwear la haha..
HAvent try on them yet tho...

DOne for the day! im home! <3 haha... Ate alot at my cousin's office. MArcus wantedto tell his jokes... we were eating at the meeting room.
So my cousin, the big boss, asked him to stand up and tell all of us.
Ahaha... he gave a few ..
lols.. they were all laughing !
you gota hear it from him. plus his facial expression.
i gatuntee. you'll laugh like crap!haha
thats my bro! =p

Thursday, November 25, 2010

1st time for MY lil bRo Marcus

PLanting time!!! <3>

I bought English daisy, marc bought balsam and mom's chilli padi =)
HAhaha that was about 2 weeks ago =p

This is my bro's 4got the name lolx... 1 week old =p

This is now >>>

DEAD! haha too bad!
Not enuf sunlight la...

Theres 2 diff pots for the same plant.
1 is with the medicine elder bro bought back from work.
and the other 1 is without.
So we'll see which one grows faster =)

30% of brown soil, 70% of black soil =)

Dig tiny holes abour 2cm from each other and dump in the seeds.

And water the plants! weeee! =p

THIS is 2 weeks LATER >>>>>>>>>>

Marcus's BALSAM...
So green and tiny and Cute! haha

My English Daisy! yea i noe! it's growing REALLLYYYY
look, we even labelled it haha... the white sticker.

Mummy's chilli padi...
Growing faster than mine.. but still slower than marcus's
WE'll see how this goes...

Friday, November 19, 2010

The gappp

I'm munching chipsters now =) Feeling a lil hungry... had my breakfast at 11am till now, its 3.45pm. My little brother is play his favourite game, Dragonica.
mom's resting... super exhausted coz she cooked just now.
for lunch and dinner at the same time =)
I cooked yesterday! haha...
fried egg! the best i could do ahha omelette its called but with no fillings =p

I cooked the vegetables too =) it was okie =p think it taste the best haha..

then i fried the fish! its like the hardest! haha...

the fish cant stop sticking to my kuali gosh! had a hard time taking it out.. mom was like!
gurl! your fish gona be so ugly! ure tearing the skin and the flash!
haha opps! thats all i could say..
mom told be its coz the oil wasnt hot enough when i put the fish in.
then i had to make the sauce for the fish =)
The spoon-like thingy(no idea wat u call it) haha

kinda go loose to the handle thingy and it fell onto the sauce ahha!
lolx.. it splashed the sauce all over the kitchen lol.
1 word - FAILED!
ahaha but it wasnt my fault! the spoon-like thingy got looose! became two pieces haha...
so I went on without the sauce ahha...
Oh and mom boiled the "luk mei Tong" also known as the "ginseng six-flavoured soup" haha..
She boiled it earlier.. i didnt know until dinner time =='

Not forgetting ricE! =p

dad bought some new brand rice.. duno wat brand was it but it didnt taste good.
its too rough and the bijirin is like.. too big =p
i mean bigger than wat i usually eat...

Dinner time! it was like a war on the dining table lolx.
DAd was like complaining :" everything is so dry! how do u expect me to swallow them in!"
Lil bro:" Pa, try to drink the soup!"
Dad:" yeah, im doing it, boi, drink the soup. after the food stuck in ur throat!"
Dad:" you wanna kill people ah! so dry!"
Lil bro shake his head and looked and my dad haha..

If only he knew what happen to the fish sauce haha.. =)
i kept quite nie! i makan puas-puas with my llil bro.
He said the fish is nice. he love the egg =)
yay! it means more practice!!! =)
need to learn at least 10 fine dishes b4 i get married haha... =p
1. speghetti cabonara

Wish me all the best haha!

Oh btw, the pictures are from the internet tho haha...
if i were to take pics when cooking, mom would have killed me =p

Thats my day! hows yours??

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Unstoppable, a 20th Century Fox drama about a runaway train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals. Pits an engineer and his conductor in a race against time. They're chasing the runaway train in a separate locomotive and need to bring it under control before it derails on a curve and causes a toxic spill that will decimate a town. Written by secret_agent

With an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train barreling toward a city, a veteran engineer and a young conductor race against the clock to prevent a catastrophe.

The main actors...
Frankly, this movie really bored me up...
That 1st 1 hour was really boring.

The hussle and the actions starts when a fat boi haha ( reminds me of my little brother)
Left the train with flamable stuff in it go alone without driver...
SO common sense, two trains will come to meet face to face..
Yeap, that train that is going really really fast and it's really really longg! and flamable going towards this small train of the main character's.

Theres this big and dangerous turn in a residential area and beside the tracks, they have got the big big tanks of no idea wat.. i think it's petrol tanks...
THe big train that has no drive is going too fast.. and if nobody can catch up with the train and drive it to slow it down, the train will not make it in the turn, it'll slip and fall off...
Hit the big big tanks and BLOwww...!

THis two men rushed and chased the train and try to patch the two trains together and pull the train from the back and try to slow it down..

IT's a happy ending... dont worry =)
WAtch it! its very touchhyy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pheww!! im almost done!

Let me bring you to a trip to INTI college SJ =p
WHere they have...

3 Assignments per subject...

2 presentations per subject atleast..

2 tests per subjects ....

Last but not least....
Freaking final test that takes up 40% of ya total! =)

Other than that, we have MAss com lecturers who's freaking friendly and close to their students... which is US!
DMC rocks socks!
DMC is like the best course in the world to choose ! haha
Aint no promoting DMC or INTI tho ...
haha in a way *yeah* but lolx.. its just AWESOME!

You gota try it to know haha...

Someone once told me that people can never understand DMC kids. =)
but then when you get someone smart to talk to you,
lets say some hawttie from the science stream, haha they will understand you..
the awesome thing is that DMC peeps learn communication!
so theres no way of saying that we cant get along!

*Huraahh for DMC*


Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec

(Lolx. Also known as Adele: The rising of Mummy)

An adventure set in the early party of the 20th century and focused on a popular novelist and her dealings with would-be suitors, the cops, monsters, and other distractions.

This pretty gurl here... is the main character... She is insanely pretty.. tall and fair.
She gives me the feeling of Taylor Swift tho haha..

Anyway, the movie... hmmm wasnt like the previous Mummy shows i have watched... not at all like the one featuring *The Rock* hehe...
It's a total comedy =)

Adele(pic above) is a girl who is Fearless (like taylorswift=p) She can do anything and everything! Amazing... SHe's a journalist... but at the same time, she can read ancient egyptian language.. all the drawings...

She was on her journey to egypt to grab a doctor, bring the mummy alive and cure her sister..
She's dead while they were playing tennis. ahha u have to watch that part when they were playing tennis.. haha.. so freggin cute! both of them ... =)

anyway, she's got a friend, he's the bald guy in the 2nd picture above...
haha yeah, he freaks me out! lolx.. he's got the skills to revive the dead.
His 1st test was on the bird... (in the 2nd pic) 4gotten wat you call it.
haha he's able to control it =p they both share a heart.

So Adele went to egypt and brought back a mummy.
The bald guy summones it and poooFT!
He's not a doctor! hahahahha
but he's freggin' cute!
YOu gota watch it!

but in the end, Adele's sister came back alive... and she's got a boyfriend now! =p

Their lips somehow couldnt match the voice...
at one point, i was thinking she wasnt speaking in english.

Adele has got Frackles ! haha just like me!

Friday, November 12, 2010

AUnty Mary's Burstday

IT's my Aunty's birthday! haha

WE went to eat SEafood again..
At Bandar UTama.. She stays there =)
They said the restaurant is famous for their crab.
But hmm... nah, i didnt like it at all. The meat is too soft inside.. eww!
but i lurve the sauce! haha SWEeet and sour!
And this is the mantou im tlaking about! nice....

Drank chinese tea.. as usuall! =) blow the candles off, wash our hand... and done for the day =p

MArcus got 7As for his test =)
Me and my elder brother got him Bumblebee =p haha
and another 2 more coming for his and x mas present...
no idea wat are the two called tho... All i noe its they are from the transformers =)
He's holding it now.. while i type this.
ahha had a hard time transforming from robot to car. =p
He loves it!


Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth. Written by Universal Pictures

The trailer... WAs awesome! I wanted to watch it right away! haha ...
yeap and i did! yay me!
=p a Story about a couple of friends hangging out...
and then theres this blue lights all over LA and it kinda have the ability to suck you into where the lights are.

Yeap, thats how you look like when you stare at the blur lights...
Freaks me out! =='
Oh btw, this is the main character... the guy.
I feel like he look like AAR's Tayson...
ahhah maybe the skinnyness =)

Anyway, IT's movie where everybody tries to get away from the blue ray light... and save themselt from the evil!
The animation is kinda awesome tho.
Especially when the aliens suck out the human's brain and internals of the alien. =)

I tell you!!! Even i couldnt stand looking at the neon blue light.
At the starting of the movie, they had the lights flashing evertime they change the names at the begining.
I go *ouch my eyes*

I like this gurl... she's like a nanny of the main actor's friend's house.
But she kinda slept with his friend. THe guy have a blonde girlfriend tho..
they had like some drama in between there.

When you stare at the lights for awhile and get away with it, You kinda feel like you're very powerful...
The main actor, got away from the light the 1st time... He had like more power... more strenght than the normal..
His girfriend, 2nd picture...
Was pregnant...
too bad.. gota go tru all the dramas with the baby inside...

vEry loving couple tho =p
AT the end, they all got sucked into the alien...
But i lurve the ending...