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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Cousin's wedding on 12/12/09

~The bride in the morning~
Went to pick up the bride in the morning... lolx had fun horning all over the bride's place =)
every1 was so white! all the bride's friends... ahah they were all over the groom. Playing a fool otta him and his friends. It's was a bit warm coz there were too many of them inside jumping and running lolx. lota weired games were played on the groom in order to get the key to the brids's door. Will after the tea ceremony, we went back to the guy's place.. had a hard time filling up the guy's side car which we need to fit in asleast 1 of the people from the girl's side.. A lady came outta her car and scream:" CAn u all faster ah? ppl gotta work u noe!" and it's like 11pm.. arent she suppose to be there even earlier? my gosh.. i feel like bangging her! it's ppl's wedding u noe! Oh well... maybe she's just jealous!

After the tea ceremony and lunch at the groom's we went to the Flamingo hotel to rest and get ready for the dinner and the ballroom later that night.
The Porch were parked outiside hehe.. which the groom used to get the bride from her house and.... almost everywhere.=)
I had a chance to take a pix with it with my camera. Cousin took it with his DSLR which is gonna be really nice. =) but he went back to HongKong but his photos are saved in another cousin's laptop. He's staying quite far from here which i have to wait for him to upload on FB.
Most of the pix were uploaded there.. can check it out!

We had dinner there... as usuall same thing and all.
When everything was over, we went up on stage and took lots and lots of picture!
People were shock to see all of us wearing kebaya that night.
Most of them din noe that we are nyonyas =)
And i'm really really proud of it hehe..
had a few sip of the wine pured by the bride and the groom on the tower glass and some red wine. Other than that are all sprites =) Good girl!

~The bride at night~
After everything, we went back to the hotel and had a small party among the close relatives...
hahah i was there cutting the *congratulation* cake by Flamingo as supper for everyone.
I had a good time there eating and taking pictures all.
I was in charge of the music that day.
When the makaning is over, played some rancak song lolx..
All the auties and uncles danced there hahaa.
So fun!
Ohyea, there's this guy who sang on stage for my cousin that day gave me his cd which he bought just to master the mandarin song Forever love by LeeHom. lolx.. then took my hp number... weired! haha but nvm! Ohyea, while he was ingging, my aunt ask me to send a flower to him. lolx i was shivering there haha... but i gave to him.
Then my aunty gave too! the groom's mom =)
sporting aunty...
Then i went home and was dromp dead tired went straight to sleep after brushing my teeth and all.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

He offlinEEdd

Indeed a nice friend to be around... sometimes too rude tho. but he's a nice guy i befriended in Law class... 1 day before i did my presentation and then we hang out quite a few times...
Last picture was taken in Starbucks i din even get to say goodbye on that day! but i got a chance to see a moving shaun walking back-faced. and the smile... my gosh. miss him.
Made me cried... i hope you're doing fine there my friend. sry i rejected ur "badminton date" a few times. But u said u'll wait till i'm back! well, i'm back now! so where are you!?
WE're suppose to celebrate ur next year! u kept telling me about it! and was so excited... and i said i'll be there!
We're suppose to work together during weekends. so wat happen now?!
The calrsberg promoters.... ='(
I couldnt believe my eyes... couldnt believe it at all.
I wish it wasnt true but i dun have the power to choose.
I rmb the times where... i talked at college.. at the stairs.. where i laughed and tease that u cant do the "O" shape... and the time when u drove and we went to work together.
It was awesome but just that you're really harsh sometimes! really...
But i tell myselft that i'll forgive u coz you're my friend! and i did... my friend.. hear me say it!
Gosh... tears rolling down again... i'm really sad that u are gone.
But we have to face it.
Good that you're gone before the world ends... dun have to suffer that much seeing other people around u suffering too.
I hope you're doing better there....
Offlined on
6/12/06 about 6.30pm
~Will always be remembered~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I just got back from my cousin's house... fell asleep there with Cookie beside me =)
Nothing much today... suppose to go badminton with friends at 12noon and swimming after that.
But was canceled coz my parents are all here and gonna go out.
Paramoring now while blogging as usual =)
I just got back my money! i'm rich now! yes!
Waiting for my pay! Shaun mana lu??? my money! =p
you know wat, Edward is still stuck in my head! people! take him outta me!
My gosh.. he's driving me crazy! =( Dun like it!

Went and collect my prize at Pj yesterday. the All Shinny White contest =) consolation prize! and no payment! lolx... kewl rite! hehe... atleast something! now to get it loaded with paramore! =) Went home and fool around with the packing.. dunny human-like faces there.
Kinda happy =) but was hoping to get the laptop that's the 3rd prize but i din =(
Ohwell, better luck next time!

In the lift... haha marcus making funny faces there.
Went to 1u after that =) thats when i saw all the nice stuff i blogged! =)
Christmas shopping time for marc!
He just got himself some airforce fighting thingy... lolx
Asking everyone to play with him.. which is kinda boring.
Haizz back to tuesday... today! hmm... i'm hungry!
alrite! blog later!
Wanna go FB! chaoz