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Monday, June 21, 2010

a Lil boi's day

Helped my mom clean her duckies =p
and i clean my aquarium! which is like *empthy * =(

And my lil bro lol... sat on the icecream cake box.. broke and he fell.
damn funny that fat ass!

Went to BFF's house for dinner =p
4got the name some hakka food.
tho i din like it but luvvvv the manggo as dessert hehe...
haha informal dinner tho.
Thanks for the dinner!

checkout the National Geographic 's latest!
the photographes are awesome!
as usual!!
alrite back to college!

Babby Birdies RIP

Bro's birdy... 1 down that night... and 1 more still ok.
I went in after playing with it in the cage.
mom was asking if they eaten or not.
i went out again and it was like lying down on the floor.
And then i called my bro.. rushing in and out! =(
heart pumping!
and then i got nothing to do.. its dying i had to pick it up... =(
suddenoy my tears rolling down ad omg!
it was still breathing! and i was like so scared !
and then i felt his heartbeat! =p im so hapy!
and then im like omg! he doesnt wanna eat!
doesnt wanna drink. i'm so scared!
i called my bro again! =(
And then his leg crampped... and boom.
Gone =(
i cried even more!!!
died in my palm and i cant help it!
u noe how it feel or not?!

Digged a heart shape for them... =(

Twitter --- Miley disasterr

This time its miley cyrus! =='
but im soo happy that ppl follows me !!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

All the way to Terminal 3's Seafood Restaurant =p
saw the oh so famous in *malaysia* 's actor... 4got his name
A guy who acted with Dato Jalaluddin hassan in one of the tv3 show. Where he's named Ejoy... =)
A naughty boi who luvs the gurl... FArah i think or SArah... daughter of the Dato =p
theres another too. good boi... but she likes Ejoy.. he's so cute in the movie =p
kena scolding from dad. went crazy lol =p

Awesome Lobster =p

Stupid Geoduck... looked so discusting!
So darn many of them!
ishhh hate it !
bet it doesnt taste good.

Checkout the fish! its as long as my hands !
ahhhh!! =) darn expensive too!

Oh i luv the spots! so pretty!
the neon blur dots on the fish =p
and they are lying down flat =)
so cute!
i tot they are dead but all of them lies flat inside.which is natural.

Mummy!:" AHhhhhhhhh its staring at me! help!!"

MY prezzy to dadddy =) Downloaded one that day. and drew the cover exactly the same as the original =p me and my bro paid for dinner =p
Crap, fish, pork, prawn ( It is awesome!!!)
around like 270 bucks.. hehe i paid like 100 bucks nie =p
but ok la... im younger wert....
Lucky the Cd can play hehee...
coz bro loaded up 24 and cant be played on our TV player =(
went home and smelled like crap!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleepy tuesday =(

Black and grey where the shades for the class today.
Every1 seems s gloomy and sleepy.
Miss even said we dressed up like life is so boring.
But really it is... i couldnt find my black cotton on top and wore the grey top instead... which was abit low cut so i had an excuse to bring along my leopard scarf hehe...
With jeans! and tied up my hair! and please! its Lara Croft ! not Chun lee! Chun lee is the too buns on the head lol. so damn big difference!
Tied it up coz i din wash my hair hehe. too early and cold! but i did bathed! =)
If not i wun feel nice going claz like that.

Slept like 3 hours right after college... so sleepy!
Oh yea! have u ever tried waking up but u cant?
I mean u are aware of the surroundings but u just cant afford to control ur body?
why is that sooo? =(

Babee's working.... =(
and i'm feeling so lifeless suddenly.
Its been hi and bye, nitez and tiredness...
and please please take care!
lol i bet u dun even have time to stalk me =) and yea, i'm doing well in college, behaving well too hehee... just telling, coz u din have time to even ask me =(
Yea i understand, 10 to 10 is horrible!
And mau surprise ppl next time strategize properly 1st...
dun fail =)hehe

oh well 3 more days and youre off! weeee...
Hope youre as excited as i am =) or u din even bother... just need ur bed...

Oh well, i bought this at Rest & Relax. RM 169 i think ... wait! its 70% off! weeeee
and its leopard, and i paid by myself =( RM48 tho.
and i'm gona wear it tmr ....
no idea wat to wear...
i'm soooo slepppy!!!
k nitez !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Review - Karate Kid

It all started with a little boy named, Dre Parker ,Jaden Smith which is also the son of Will smith. The boy is 12-year-old and living in Detroit. His mother Sherry, (Taraji Henson) gets a job in China and the all moved there. Dre had problem in speaking in mandarin and was very afraid and felt awarkward being in China. He misses home and wants to go back to the US. His mother tells him that China is home now, and he must learn to accept his new home.

At the begaining, China was protraid as dirty and gloomy from the residents to the places.
Luckly, Jaden found a friend, apparently a blonde guy was staying nearby and then they became friends.

Dre begins to like China when he falls for his classmate Mei Ying (Wenwen Han). A thin and pretty chinese gurl who speaks little simple english.

Who taught Dre the meaning of the Chinese valentine's day. They met at the playground near Dre's appartment. He was then seen to be showing off his talent as a dancer. But the cultural difference made the relationship impossible. Dre's feelings for Mei Ying are seen by Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) the class bully who is out to stop it.

Cheng, has the tyoical china look as he has the common features with the boys there in China. He then stalks Dre all around the school and created a big fight.
Dre then found out that Cheng has his own Kung Fu training and he is all out to pull Dre down the ground.
Without a choice, Dre being out of place as a foreigner there. He was beaten almost to death by the bullies when Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) the maintenance man, secretly a Kung Fu Master, stops the fight. Dre persuades Mr. Han to teach him Kung Fu.

As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.
There where flashes of the beautiful mountains of the China.

It was abit similiar to the previous karate kid movies....

Jaden's acting where all natural and funny, just like how a kid should be.
It's an awesome movie as they where all so fairly talented.

And last but not least, Featuring beloved Justin Bieber...
Jaden and Justin had a duet called *Never Say Never* at the end of the show.
Which was lovely for both of them to sing together.

Movie-Jaden Boi

Lil justin Feat Jaden... never say neverRR!!! stayed for the songG

Sudden trip to Genting

First of all, lil baby! you;re surely to tagalong with me =)
Went last friday. hehe... sry! i had to skip claz. mummy ask to do so.

Parked the car... oh yea and the parking is reserved for us... Uncle is some high ranked police.
hehe... right infront of the entrance.
oh and yea, im afraid of heights ... and on the cable car? gosh... freaks me out!

And... sucess! went to the top hehe...
and of course! 1st visit, the toilet! know wat? the luggage is sooo heavy! =(
hate it! went all the way to the lobby... and to the room! yay!

Took out my baby and lied flat on the bed =)
soooo tired and sleepy..
oh yea and i slept quite late the night b4... doing my research paper... to pass it up to a friend to hand it to lect. =)

Oh and went to the up to 70% sale of branded stuff near the lobby.
saw all the old guess begs and all the wiered brand of shades haha...
bought elianto princess lash mascara =)
10% off. not bad haha but i really need it.... mine finished.

Slept in the room... hehe so tired! bathed clean up and watch tv... =)
oh and water!! needs to drink.
Went off to watch Dazzle at Pavillion.
Free tickets uncle got for us =) vvip! front seats. 1st row.
AWesome dancers!
awesome magicians! I love the umbrella guy! his trick is awesome! haha look sooo impossible.
awesome shadowman!
hahah he can make shadows of all the singers! including MJ wuhooo!
but the invisible man? fail... i saw all his tricks... =(
mayb thats the bad part bout being in front row.
oh well, but i did enjoyed!
wanan dance like the gurls! haha
A job like that isnt bad at all...

Genting is sooo freaking hot! even wearing like this, sweat abit! =(

Dun miss the outdoors!heheh...
Free wristband uncle gave =p went to all the rides! weeeeee but it was raining.. so played more the indoors...
indoors is boring ... the que is sooo freaking long!!! =(
The motion master is hahah so funy... -) the 4D turtle show is sooo kiddo and boring.
Just went for the euro xpress
atleast something.

Sat the all time famous train hehe... to block the rain =p

Along the railway... enjoying the raining scene of genting ... not bad =)

And feed the fishes! haha... 3 bucks per packet... woot!
damn smelly! haha... =)
the fishes are so god damn big!!

Waited for like an hour for this. Marcus luv it so much,.. when it was our turn, they paused it to charge up the petrol and guess wat?
It started to rain!
OMG such a bad timing. wasted our hour standing there...

What to do... masuk indoor for shopping!
I luv the orange bikini padini has! its 10% off RM 109 =p
mummy wasnt with me so din get to show her =(
went to kenny roggers' for dinner... free again. uncle got the voucher =) hehe.... had that potato chiken thingy.
so filling! haha
and then my aunts and mom went for some chinese concert.
4got his name, the oldman that sang with jay chou. fei yu ching or sth lidat.
so we hang in the room.... watching football =)
max vs s.a i watched! ahaha its a tie!
My cousin and bro went to sleep b4 it ended =p

The next day, another uncle and another cousin came =) oh and my dad too.
We ride on the Flying coaster! my 1st time!
hahahha we screamed like nobody else's business... the turning was so damn slow! u feel like you gonna drop out! hahha omg!
but it was so fun! =)
and then not 4getting archery.
cousin is a left hander! so kewl rite..oh we got voucher for that too =)

then went home after lunch and marybrown =p
not bad tho =) but super tired...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breaking News!!! twiiteerrr

JUSTIN BIEBER followed my on TWITTER!!!
I cant believe my eyes!
I have been waiting for this for soooo long! haha
im so freaking happy!!! =p im like one of the 70, ooo !
how is that!! my heart beated like crazy
see! when i click this on my page!!

OMG! i feel like killing myselft!
plz do me a favor and follow me on twitter people!!!


Mummy drew this =p for my advertising! hehe... some rat chasing after an aeroplane.
Looking for the best headlines =p

stupid mosquito! bit my left and my right... same spot.