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Monday, March 26, 2012

Yeah~ It's ma Birthday~~

24th of March 


It's my 21st Birthday this year =)
And for us, 21year old is when you get the key from your parents.
A key to freedom =p
But not forgetting the usual!
Presents! Dinners! Cakes!
and lotta pictures! =)

Mom gave me a *key* gold chain =)
this picture is suppose to be taking up close.
haha where you can see the chain thats y i din bother to pose.
lolx.. but it turned out like this.
oh well...

my 21st birthday i got a music box ==' 

And chocolate cookies! Apparently, my mandarin name rhymes with 510 =p

Got alot of dresses too =) and while i was busy opening my pressies, my lil brother din even bother =(

Peekaboo! Dinner time!
Had Dinner with ma family in Umami Steamboat =)

my little brother loves crabs.

My aunt =) Cheers she said =p

Cake time! =)

Trying to figure out where is the center of the room =p

Got it! =) eeek! lolx but i duno what i had in mind that time haha

Smiled with my 21st birthday cake.

Had lotta 21st birthday laughs =)

Made my 21st birthday wish =)

Blew my 21st year old candle =)
Which didnt go off =p

so i tried harder =)

Birthday Celebration - PART 1

yeap, theres more to come =p