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Sunday, March 27, 2011

MY Birthday!

Im officially 20 years old! YAY! =)
I kept replaying this video and pretend that he's singging to me.

My classmates bought me a cake =p
lolx and look wats written on it? AMANDA NG BIEBER!
too bad the baker got it all wrong!
and it came out as AMANDA NG BIELER =='
hha but i noe in my heart that its suppose to be Bieber so it doesnt affect me haha..

Mummy bought me prezzie!

Tadaaa... A skirt, deo and scrubby! =p

I bought my own Prezzie =p
1st time trying it. wonder if its good. i even took picture for the before and after effect =)
will post it up after 18 days =p wait for it!
im excited too! hehe

Dinner with Family!!
At THE SHIP . Damansara

Marc happily drinking his Honeydew juice. haha he just loves honeydew =)

Me and my apple juice =p Nice!
I took the orkid from the drink its pink tho. look purple-ish here

BEhold!!! the AWEsome Shark fin soup! lolx
now with the candle underneath =p
its good coz its freezing cold there in THE ship =)
Marc's fav soup.
Brought Shaun along too =)
A Choppy day

Big Bro gave me Prizzie =p
Buffet Braun's sweet lil turqios pouch
Terima kasih! =)

will RE-edit it when i get them =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amanda'z Day at home, Night out

I got this when i was like around 10yr

Daddy bought it for me =)
and im still keeping it!
Cinderella's castle ... with small dolls too! but my bro lost it ='(
I lurve it sooo much! its like my fav toy =p

Used it to do my Box for ADvance ADvertising =p

Been cutting and Sticking the whole after noon! finally done the box.
but still in process of making it look nicer =p
Ther purple doesnt look nice =(
i want to have hand prints on it. so i tot of using a lighter color but it look soo.. unattractive.

It's pink inside! =p wanted leopard but its gona look so messy.
im gona have mini stuff about me inside so need a plain BG. =(
not satisfy at all.

NEWAy, went to cousin's wedding in KL =p

I wore this! =p 3rd wearing it after few years laying in my cupboard =p

There were cockroaches in the restaurant! arghh!
i Freaking hate them!
crawing here n there!
and yes! big onces! climbed up to my chair beside my knee.
lolx i screamed so loud and flew to the other side of the table lolx. =p
i cant help it! they are freggin discusting!=(
plz plz dun ever prank me with cockroaches
i beg u.
i'll cry and hate you FOrevaa
yeap then went to the toilet .. cabut lari

Mummy bought the necklace for me! its my 1 and only gold necklace from her =p
others from dady and grandma =p
lolx but this is not real gold lolx
so dun ROB me lolx

The lights! lolx. yes! im in the toilet. and i lurve their lights=p
I had the lights behind my camera when i took this.

Home! changed =p
still tak puas wanna take pix =)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

VOTE for me plZ!

It only takes FEw seconds! plz??

if u havent got my FB, here it is =)

all you need to do is to go to my wall, and then click on the pink picture that says dyou.
after that u gota click*ALLOW* and *like* the page
and then click *View GAllery* and just vote for my picture!
thats it
PRetty plzz???
heres the link =p

CLICK >>> hEre <<<

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its a PURPLE day


I went PURPLE today! just for Justin Bieber ! =)
My PURPLE Heart-shaped Ring
my PURPLE ( <3> )
PURPLE spaghetti top!
(thats the only
PURPLE thing you can see in this PIX)
What about this

PLUS== my PURPLE Bottle, my PURPLE Socks and my PURPLE Converse!

HAhah! my COllege Building's Wall is PURPLE too! =)
hahah made my friend take this pix for me!
ALL purply!

And the PURPLE Board too! haha =)
AWESOME rite?!

Abit blur**

And last but not least, My PURPLE Phone!
Yeap, this is my room and YEAP! I have a HUGE Justin Bieber Poster! =)

@#JB_withAmanda (belieber)
@#Love_withAmanda (personal)
FOLLOW me! =)
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What kinda outfit do you think suits me ?! =

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